Siemens Digital Enterprise Experience Center at MxD

Where Today Meets Tomorrow

At MxD we enable you to explore the life of a product and facility in the Siemens Digital Enterprise with a mix of multimedia and live software spread out among more than 12 stations. We have assembled a one-of-a-kind environment to display Siemens’ ability to be a holistic provider for Digital Enterprises. With a live mock-manufacturing environment, we offer a unique window into the opportunities provided by Siemens’ Digital Enterprise technology, merging the virtual and physical worlds into one manufacturing environment. This living environment is constantly being enhanced to show off more of the IoT or Industry 4.0 story.

MxD is located at 1415 N. Cherry Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642

Why visit the Process Automation Testbed?

The Siemens Digital Enterprise showcase enables visitors to explore the future of automation. During the visit, guests will be exposed to the end-to-end Digital Enterprise Suite for:

  • Frontline Workers 
  • Plant Engineers
  • Plant Managers
Apps and digital services for the Process Industry

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