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Social Distancing and Contact Tracing for Industry Facilities

Social Distancing and Contact Tracing for Industry Facilities

As plants and manufacturing facilities work to return to full capacity with the new challenges created by the pandemic, operation managers and health and safety officials must keep employees safe while also optimizing production. Guidelines from governments and health experts recommend social distancing to minimize risk to employee health. Without a location tracking system, it is difficult to know if employees can adhere to these guidelines and to identify hidden trouble areas in a facility.


The SieTrace application, together with the SIMATIC Real Time Locating System (RTLS), can help plant managers and operation managers optimize facility layouts and protect employee health reliably and efficiently. By monitoring customer defined unsafe interactions, SieTrace can help minimize virus transmission and provide vital contact tracing with a recorded history of employee interactions.


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  • Monitoring compliance with social distancing guidelines in real-time 
  • Ability to define dwell time and radius criteria for unsafe interactions
  • Easily identify hot spots of unsafe interactions to help improve facility layout
  • Export report to help identify employees at risk of exposure

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