Company-wide energy management with SIMATIC Energy Manager

SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO – Energy management certified to ISO 50001

SIMATIC Energy Manager is the energy management system for industry, certified in accordance with ISO 50001

With SIMATIC Energy Manager, you can visualize energy flows and consumption values in your processes in detail, assign them to the relevant consumers or cost centers, and identify why changes have occurred. Evaluate implemented efficiency measures, optimize your energy procurement, and compare energy efficiency across plants and locations – in a scalable, transparent, and future-proof way.

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SIMATIC Energy Manager

Scalable solution for ISO 50001–compliant energy management

SIMATIC Energy Manager helps you not only reduce energy costs but also increase the overall productivity and efficiency of your processes.

Lower operating costs, optimize energy procurement, and comply with legal requirements

With SIMATIC Energy Manager, you can do so much more than just reduce energy costs. Our powerful, scalable energy management system links energy and production data, thus helping you calculate the productivity of your energy consumption: How much energy does it require to produce a certain product? Which line can be used most efficiently for this? Why do two comparable lines consume different amounts of energy? SIMATIC Energy Manager helps you to find the answer to these questions – with clear, user-specific dashboards; meaningful energy indicators; and versatile interfaces for measuring energy data. Our powerful energy management system is available in two versions for applications of varying complexity: Basic and PRO. This allows you to benefit from tailored functionality and an optimum price/performance ratio.

Certified by the TÜV German Technical Inspectorate, the scalable energy management solution SIMATIC Energy Manager facilitates compliance with the statutory regulations required by ISO 50001 while enabling energy- and cost-efficient operation of your systems and plants.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Appropriate key performance indicators and data presentation options can be used to derive corresponding energy efficiency measures which, if successfully implemented, result in cost savings.
  • The Power monitoring supports a secure & reliable power distribution
  • Transparency at cost center level increases employee awareness and forms the basis for a transparent and comprehensible design of targets or review of the achievement of goals.
  • Due to the proximity to production, technological processes and plants (e.g. machine status-related analysis) can be evaluated energetically.
  • Transparency paired with forecasting functionality increases planning security and opens up new opportunities in energy procurement
  • Energy controlling, with flexible reporting and analytics capabilities, help ensuring that efficient assets remain efficient
  • Forms Key Performance Indicators to increase the efficiency of power production units as well as assets like consumers
  • Openness is important. The OPC UA (HA) Server can be used to provide data to other applications.
  • Meets legal requirements for monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions
Product range

Choose the appropriate version for your requirements

SIMATIC Energy Manager Basic

SIMATIC Energy Manager Basic provides a simple way to get started with energy management. It can be easily configured for the application in question via web engineering – both in interaction with the automation system and for manual data acquisition. Predefined templates for reports and configurable dashboards support reporting. SIMATIC Energy Manager Basic can be easily upgraded to SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO at any time with a license key.


SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO

SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO provides additional functions for comprehensive, ISO-compliant energy management. The software supports the user with extensive reporting for recording and visualizing performance indicators and consumption data and with tools for calculating performance indicators for more complex situations. Energy Manager PRO also permits batch-related or material-related consumption analysis and forecasts of energy consumption. Various automation-level systems can be integrated via numerous interfaces.

SIMATIC Energy Manager App
The SIMATIC Energy Manager V1.0 App for iOS and Android rounds off the portfolio with a simple and intuitive solution for mobile acquisition of consumption data from machines that are not or cannot be networked with the energy management system. The employee can easily identify the energy meter using the QR code or bar code and enter the relevant numeric value.

SIMATIC Energy Manager MindSphere app
Transparent energy flows

The Simatic Energy Manager MindSphere application helps companies to monitor and analyze the energy consumption of machines and plants distributed around the world.
This cloud-based application enables the user to call up, analyze, and compare energy data via MindSphere.

Tailored to your requirements

SIMATIC Energy Manager Basic
SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO
Simple configuration via web engineering
Full client configuration with numerous options and web engineering
Data link via OPC UA, Energy Suite, SIMATIC WinCC, and Modbus
Data link via OPC UA, Energy Suite, SIMATIC WinCC, Modbus, ASCII, OLE DB, and S7; connectivity with S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor incl. template/instance concept; and connectivity with MindSphere
Data preprocessing
Data point configuration; create, change, or delete a matrix for manual data entry
Plus loop/prototype calculation stage 1 for preprocessing the data
Create, change, and delete reports based on predefined templates
Comprehensive report functionality with user-specific or adapted report templates
Performance indicators
Extended (if-then, threshold values, etc.)
Create, change, and delete dashboards; use various widget types (chart, pie, tacho, traffic light, diagram, text, value, table, Sankey, alarm, heat map)
Create, change, and delete dashboards; use various widget types incl. advanced widgets (baseline management, map, multiple regression)
Basic functionality
Detailed batch and material analyses
Forecasting tools
Yes (reference day forecast, production-plan-based forecasting, regression model)
Measure planning
Definition and analysis of energy efficiency measures
File upload
Yes, documents can be uploaded

The right choice – with confidence


Intelligent energy management in industry

SIMATIC Energy Management has long since proven itself in actual practice. These software solutions have been successfully implemented by prestigious companies around the world in a wide range of industries to meet statutory regulations and DIN EN ISO 50001 requirements and sustainably lower their energy consumption and costs. You too can ensure a competitive edge for your company through energy-optimized operations control.
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More information about SIMATIC Energy Manager

If you want to know more about SIMATIC Energy Manager, you can download further information from here and follow useful support links, for example, to product-specific FAQs, manuals, product notifications, and technical data. Also, discover our value-added service offerings, such as Energy Analytics and MindSphere.

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