SIMATIC Energy Suite - Energy transparency in production 

Intelligent energy monitoring - from data acquisition to proactive load management

Manage the energy consumption of your plants. Prove the energy efficiency of your machines and plants in detail. Monitor the agreed capacity limits for electrical energy and avoid fines with active load management. Simple and integrated into automation with SIMATIC Energy Suite and S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor.

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SIMATIC energy monitoring

Simple and integrated energy management

From the measurement of individual loads to detailed evaluation of the efficiency of entire machines, SIMATIC Energy Suite and the S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor bring the energy transparency to your automation system. In addition, you can use the load Management in Energy Suite to avoid the peak loads in industrial applications and to distribute loads evenly. The engineering integrated into TIA Portal supports you with simple implementation of production-level energy monitoring.

SIMATIC Energy Suite:

Energy data acquisition generated automatically

SIMATIC Energy Suite, as an option for TIA Portal, efficiently links energy management with automation, thus creating energy transparency in the production system. The suite allows different types of energy data to be grouped, buffered, and visualized in a standard way. The considerably simplified configuration and automatic generation of the energy management program significantly reduce configuration costs. Thanks to the integrated interface to SIMATIC Energy Manager, the recorded energy data can be seamlessly included into a cross-site energy management system certified in accordance with ISO 50001.

S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor

Standardized efficiency evaluation of machines

With the S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor, machine manufacturers can easily document the energy efficiency of their machines based on six defined machine conditions and thus comply with the requirements of VDMA Measurement Instruction 34179. The S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor is part of TIA Portal* and enables the integration of condition-based analysis of energy data into machines without great effort. Energy and media data can automatically presented as an acceptance document on the SIMATIC operator panel and in Excel format. Plant operators also benefit: The efficiency data are part of the automation and can be called up on the operator panel at any time and can optionally be transferred to SIMATIC Energy Manager via the integrated interface and used for long-term evaluation across multiple machines. In this way, the operator can see the energy consumption over the plant lifecycle at a glance, identify any inefficient operating behavior, and take suitable measures to resolve the issue.

* TIA Portal V15 and higher

Avoid load peaks and  distribute loads smoothly

Proactive load management with SIMATIC Energy Suite helps you to reduce energy costs by avoiding load peaks – automatically and without affecting production.

Proactive load management optimizes energy costs

Energy utilities typically offer reduced tariffs for constant, predictable demand profiles. Through contracts with limited peak loads, companies can optimize their consumption and reduce their energy costs.

However, any violation of the specified peak load limits results in penalties and surcharges. With SIMATIC Energy Suite Load Management, you can ensure that peak load limits are not exceeded – and do so in a fully automatic manner.

Proactive load management as part of system automation.

Proactive load management is part of SIMATIC Energy Suite. This TIA Portal option (from V16) efficiently links energy management to automation. It allows comprehensive load management for your facility right from the infeed and brings load management directly into production – without the need for special IT systems. The solution can be fully implemented on a PLC system. Proactive load management uses an integrated predictive algorithm that continually calculates the predicted final consumption value for the relevant period. Depending on the available capacity, actuators – that is, loads (e.g., motors) or power generators – are switched on or off according to the configured priority. The lower the priority, and thus the relevance to the process, the more frequently the actuator is switched off. Users benefit from efficient engineering in TIA Portal: they can configure the load management system using TIA Portal interfaces, generate the finished program, and configure the corresponding visualization. The solution also includes visualization with SIMATIC WinCC Professional to display all relevant information, both for the complete system and for individual actuators.

Proactive load management with SIMATIC Energy Suite: the benefits


Intelligent energy management in industry

SIMATIC Energy Management has long since proven itself in actual practice. These software solutions have been successfully implemented by prestigious companies around the world in a wide range of industries to meet statutory regulations and DIN EN ISO 50001 requirements and sustainably lower their energy consumption and costs. You too can ensure a competitive edge for your company through energy-optimized operations control.
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Energy data management as a managed service

Outsource your energy data management as a service and benefit from regular analyses performed by our energy experts. Evaluations show that this service makes it possible to easily achieve savings potential of as much as 5 percent. 

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