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Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) gives you unrestricted access to the complete range of digitalized automation services, from digital planning to integrated engineering and transparent operation. Shorten your time to market with the aid of simulation tools, boost the productivity of your plant using additional diagnostic and energy management functions, and increase flexibility via connections to the management level.

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TIA Portal – more than just an engineering framework

Innovative simulation tools, seamlessly integrated engineering, and transparent plant operation work perfectly together in TIA Portal for more flexibility, speed, and productivity. The new options benefit system integrators and machine builders as well as plant operators, making TIA Portal your perfect gateway to automation in the Digital Enterprise.

Increase your flexibility and work in an open, virtual, and networked manner

With a digital workflow, a virtual model of machines and plants can be used to simulate and test every aspect before actually building the real thing. This “digital twin” is also connected to operational IT and the cloud for even more flexibility and ultimately resulting in higher quality products.

Scalable simulation as required

Simulating the entire plant, including the controller and HMI, and evaluating it based on a virtual model reduces local commissioning time thanks to PLCSIM Advanced, the controller’s digital twin.

  • Access to rapid testing of PLC modules
    With SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced integrated as an option into TIA Portal
  • Easy plant modeling using time sequences and switching
    With SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced and model creation using SIMATIC STEP 7
  • Complex models created in high-level languages

    By connecting to independently created applications (C, C#, third-party, etc.) using the PLCSIM Advanced interface
  • Simulation of automation in the context of a machine or plant
    By connecting PLCSIM Advanced an SIMIT, NX MCD, Process Simulate oder Plant Simulation
  • For more information on simulation offerings, visit here.

Data consistency across tool boundaries

TIA Portal allows you to efficiently create your project using software generators and in this way reduce the number of redundant workflows. With Teamcenter, you also merge the project versions from planning, engineering, and design.

  • Efficiently create program code
    With code generators connected via TIA Portal Openness interface
  • Use existing third-party data
    From EPLAN, Mathworks, TIA Selection Tool, or 3rd party using hardware/software import/export via TIA Portal Openness interface
  • Save projects worldwide
    By storing TIA Portal projects in Teamcenter

Networked workflows wherever and whenever needed

Increase flexibility in your everyday work while maintaiing total data consistency, regardless of the terminal used. The new TIA Portal Cloud connector lets you access the system controller from your private cloud. No installation on the engineering workstation is necessary. MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens, can also be used for additional digital services.

  • Easy online access
    With TIA Portal Cloud connector and your private cloud
  • End-to-end planning regardless of the terminal used
    With TIA Selection Tool cloud, you can even work on tablets, regardless of operating system
  • Analyses and services offerings in the same quality worldwide
    With MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens

The heart of efficient automation

All important automation components are integrated into TIA Portal, which means that you can program everything from controllers, peripherals, and drives to HMIs, safety, and motion control or even energy management. A consistent database and libraries with frequently used functions make engineering even faster and easier.

Reduce your engineering time

TIA Portal lets you integrate all the key components in your automation project, including safety, security, control, HMI, drives, decentralized peripherals, motion control, and power distribution.

Fewer repeated inputs, a shared database, and a standardized user interface for all tasks help reduce your engineering time.


Less coordination needed thanks to system-supported synchronization

With TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering, multiple people can access a project at the same time. Synchronization is system-supported. This means that you can flexibly process tasks and complete them simultaneously – both device-oriented and task-based.

  • Work on a project together as part of a team 
    And manage it flexibly on a server using Multiuser Engineering, commissioning mode, and software units
  • Promote corporate standards
    Through the basic definition and administration of program code in TIA Portal libraries
  • Connect versioning tools using the Version Control Interface
  • Easily combine HMI and PLC expertise

    Using the substitute PLC
  • Shared online commissioning
    Up to five developers can monitor a control system and import upgrades online simultaneously

Minimize additional time and effort by correcting faults

Reduce the amount of additional time and effort needed to reliably identifying faults and quickly correct them, thanks to numerous programming code templates, many new and efficient diagnostic tools, cyclical system test recordings during commissioning, and analysis of sporadic faults.

  • Targeted support with numerous program code templates
    Thanks to the new help system and standard libraries
  • Many new and efficient diagnostic options
    Such as content-based comparisons, web server diagnostics, and other diagnostic functions
  • Cyclical system test recordings
    During commissioning and for analyzing sporadic errors thanks to the integrated trace functionality

Create solutions faster

Develop your solutions even faster thanks to the automatic generation of HMI visualization via the SIMATIC Visualization Architect (SiVArc), quick and easy machine and plant diagnostics (SIMATIC ProDiag), the efficient implementation of energy management, and automatic program creation using software generators that are linked via TIA Portal Openness interface.

  • Generate HMI visualizations automatically
    Using the SIMATIC Visualization Architect (SiVArc)
  • Implement machine and plant diagnostics quickly and easily
    Using automatic code generation and visualization of monitoring with SIMATIC ProDiag
  • Easily implement efficient energy management
    From energy data acquisition to proactive load management and the automatic generation of the PLC program using the SIMATIC Energy Suite, as well as the standardized evaluation of machine efficiency using the S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor
  • Generate programs automatically using third-party systems to control TIA Portal
    Via public API TIA Portal Openness

Avoid duplication of work

Thanks to the comprehensive library concept, you can easily reuse all project objects and in this way avoid duplicating your work. Safeguard your specialist knowledge over the long term with know-how-protected blocks, and easily refine existing systems and projects in TIA Portal.

  • Easily reuse all project objects

    Including a versioning and the update function thanks to the comprehensive library concept
  • Reliably safeguard know-how over the long term
    Using know-how-protected blocks
  • Easily refine existing plants and projects in TIA Portal
    Thanks to the supported migration of existing projects

A better overview of production processes, machine states, and energy consumption

As global competition increases, it’s essential that you know exactly what’s happening in a machine. Transparent operation means that you can make the right decisions, thanks to consistent data and in-depth analytics. In this way, you also improve energy efficiency, which is an increasingly important factor in boosting your competitiveness.

Make the right decisions quickly

You can make the right decisions quickly thanks to maximum transparency based on consistent data storage in production. The system supports WinCC and WebUX as well as WebNavigator for remote access and control.

  • Web-based operation and monitoring
    Flexibly on various devices/browsers using WinCC/WebUX or comprehensive remote access using WinCC/Webnavigator

Practice energy-efficient manufacturing while observing legal requirements

The integrated SIMATIC Energy Suite automation solution, the S7 energy efficiency monitor, and the seamlessly connected Energy Manager energy management system enable you to control your energy costs at all times. The SIMATIC Energy Suite’s easy and efficient capturing of energy data provides you with the energy transparency according to ISO 50001 that’s required for saving energy. You can also monitor the agreed capacity limits for electrical energy and avoid fines with load management from the SIMATIC Energy Suite.

Reduce production downtimes

The efficient and integrated diagnosis of process errors reduces production downtimes and increases the availability of your machines and production plants. The standardized machine and plant diagnostic function (SIMATIC ProDiag) provides you with efficient analyses of process breakdowns. Integrated system diagnosis helps you to quickly identify errors in the automation system across all system components.

  • Immediately identify errors in the automation system

    Thanks to an integrated system diagnosis across all system components
  • Efficiently diagnose process breakdowns

    Using the standardized machine and plant diagnostic function with SIMATIC ProDiag

Easy integration of higher-level systems (MES/ERP systems)

Connecting automation and IT levels by means of open communication makes it easy to integrate higher-level MES/ERP solutions. The SIMATIC OPC UA standardized communication protocol or WinCC AddOns let you forward production data to systems of other manufacturers. IndustrialDataBridge is used for bidirectional, cross-system communication via standard interfaces, without any programming effort.

  • Connection of vendor-specific systems
    Thanks to the support of the standardized communication protocol SIMATIC OPC UA an OPC UA client is integrated into the CPU in addition to the OPC UA server. The SiOME (Siemens OPC UA Modeling Editor) configuration tool is also available at no extra charge
  • Multisystem data communication
Via standard interfaces with WinCC/IndustrialDataBridge
  • Add-ons
    Powerfull WinCC Process Management Add-ons for a wide range of tasks
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