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Functional enhancements for the Engineering Framework

The TIA Portal (Totally Integrated Automation) Engineering Framework shortens the time to market for machine manufacturers and increases the productivity of end users. Starting with Version 14 Siemens has enriched the engineering framework with a wide range of new functionalities and options for the digital enterprise and the requirements of Industrie 4.0.

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Product range

All TIA Portal options at a glance

See in detail how TIA Portal options support you in special automation tasks

SIVARC - SIMATIC Visualization Architect

SIMATIC Visualization Architect allows the automatic generation and creation of the visualization based on the program code of the controller and corresponding visualization objects as part of the comprehensive library concepts.

SiVArc perfectly matches the requirements of system integrators and machine builders who want to conveniently, quickly and flexibly create an HMI solution automatically on TIA Portal.
It generates about 150 000 objects within less than 10 minutes.



  • Plant-wide standardization of user interfaces while significantly reducing engineering costs

  • Reduction of the commissioning times by the early detection and avoidance of faults

  • Adaptation at the touch of a button to the visualizations on the basis of changes/adaptations in the control program

Area of application

  • Support of controllers: S7-1200, S7-1500, ET 200SP and S7-1500 Software PLC

  • Supported  HMI-systems: Basic Panels, Comfort Panels and Mobile Panels 2nd Generation, as well as the PC-based Runtime Systems WinCC Runtime Advanced and WinCC Runtime Professional.


  • The engineering software can be installed on as many computers as you like.The number of licenses determines the number of computers the software can be used on at one time. (Floating License)

  • You  can download a trial version at Industry Online Support. Due to export restrictions of the software this offer is limited to registered customers


Article No.

SIMATIC Visualization Architect V16


Engineering Software Floating License
Software and License Key for download

Engineering Software Floating License
Software on CD and License Key on USB stick

Engineering Software 90 days Rental License
Software and License Key for download

Engineering Software 90 days Rental License
Software on CD and License Key on USB stick

Engineering Software Trial License
Software for Download

Engineering Software Trial License
Software on CD and License Key on USB stick



Upgrade V14.. V15 -> V16
Software and License Key for download

Upgrade V14...V15 -> V16
Software on CD and License Key on USB stick

Software Update Service contracts (SUS)


SUS Download SIMATIC Visualization Architect

SUS Package SIMATIC Visualization Architect

SIMATIC ProDiag - Machine and plant diagnostics for increased availability

SIMATIC ProDiag is the fully-integrated TIA solution for machine and plant diagnostics. It saves the need for programming diagnostics in the CPU during the engineering phase and provides support for troubleshooting on the HMI. ProDiag makes it possible to monitor a machine or plant and to intervene in the event of a fault.

The monitoring messages which can be generated for the various faults provide specific information on the monitoring mode, location and cause of the fault. Information on troubleshooting can be provided in addition. Plant operators can then not only recognize faults, they can also identify any potential danger in advance and take appropriate countermeasures.



  • Automatic code generation in the CPU
  • Data consistency guaranteed
  • Message texts are derived automatically from the information existing in the project
  • Simple visualization on the HMI by means of prepared controls
  • Non-interactive, i.e. the monitoring operations are defined independently of the user program

Area of application

  • For all S7-1500 CPU and ET 200SP CPUs with FW V2.0 or higher

  • For standard, failsafe and know-how-protected blocks

  • Supported  HMI-systems: Comfort Panels and Mobile Panels 2nd Generation, as well as the PC-based Runtime Systems WinCC Runtime Advanced and WinCC Runtime Professional.


  • Central, cycle-exact time stamping of the fault messages

  • Automatic generation of the monitoring logic and message calls

  • Automatic updating of the SIMATIC HMI when changing the message configuration for 3 languages

  • HMI systems do not have to exit runtime mode in the event of changes, in other words, automatic update of operator stations

  • Directly available in the language editors LAD, FBD, SCL and STL

  • Monitoring can be parameterized at a later date on F blocks and know-how-protected blocks

  • Central definition of message structure for the project

  • Support for different monitoring types, including lock monitoring and position monitoring.

  • Independent of language editors / program code



  • The Runtime license for controllers comprises 250 or an unlimited number of supervisions related to one CPU.
    The software runs on S7-1500/ET 200SP CPUs from FW 2.0 independently from the TIA Portal version

  • The controls for the visualization of the alarms are licensed according to the HMI runtime platform


Article No.

Runtime software for Controllers (S7-1500 /ET 200SP)


SIMATIC ProDiag S7-1500 250 Supervisions
(Software and license certificate for download)

SIMATIC ProDiag S7-1500 unlimited number of supervisions 
(Software and license certificate for download)

SIMATIC ProDiag S7-1500 250 supervisions
(Software on DVD and license certificate)

SIMATIC ProDiag S7-1500  unlimited number of supervisions 
(Software on DVD and license certificate)

Controls for SIMATIC HMI


SIMATIC ProDiag for SIMATIC Comfort/Mobile Panels
(License Key for download)

SIMATIC ProDiag for SIMATIC Comfort/Mobile Panels
(License Key on USB stick)

SIMATIC ProDiag for WinCC Runtime Advanced
(License Key for download)

SIMATIC ProDiag for WinCC Runtime Advanced
(License Key on USB stick)

SIMATIC ProDiag for WinCC Runtime Professional
(License Key for download)

SIMATIC ProDiag for WinCC Runtime Professional
(License Key on USB stick)

SIMATIC Energy Suite - Intelligent energy monitoring for machinery and plants

Operators of industrial plants must manage their energy consumption efficiently to maintain their competitiveness. Manufacturers of machinery and plants need to demonstrate the energy efficiency of their solutions in detail. Both are made possible by the use of an energy management solution integrated into the automation system: the S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor and SIMATIC Energy Suite. You cannot take targeted measures to save energy and subsequently reduce costs in your production until you know how much energy is being consumed as well as where and when it is consumed.

TIA Portal Test Suite

Um eine gleichbleibend hohe Programmqualität zu gewährleisten, bietet die TIA Portal Test Suite Advanced dem Anwender folgende Optionen:

  • Styleguide Checker:
    Zur Gewährleistung eines einheitlichen Programmierstils können Regelsätze mit Programmierrichtlinien im TIA Portal Projekt sowohl definiert als auch deren Einhaltung überprüft werden.
  • Applikationstest:
    Zur Überprüfung der richtigen Abarbeitung einzelner Codebausteine bzw. ganzer S7-1500 Applikationen, können in einem TIA Portal Projekte Testfälle mit Funktionstests erstellt und mit Hilfe von SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced V3.0 ausgeführt und validiert werden.


  • Mit Hilfe folgender Regeln können Programmierrichtlinien für PLC-Variablen, Bausteine, Bausteinschnittstelle und UDTs erstellt werden
    - Name Length
    - Name Contains
    - Prefix
    - Casing
    - Block/Tag Properties (Überprüfung, ob z.B. ein Bausteinkommentar existiert)
  • Innerhalb eines TIA Projekts kann die Überprüfung auf Einhaltung der Regeln durch den Anwender gestartet werden
  • Die Ergebnisse der Überprüfung werden im TIA Portal ausgegeben. Mit Hilfe der GoTo Funktion wird die Stelle mit der Regelverletzung geöffnet
  • Einfache Definition von Programmierrichtlinien im TIA Portal
  • Schnelles Nachverfolgen und Beheben von Verstößen gegen die Programmierrichtlinien
  • Sicherstellen eines einheitlichen Programmcodes


  • Textueller Editor zur Erstellung von Testfällen einer S7-Applikation
  • In jedem Testfall können optional lokale Aliase für PLC-Variablen definiert werden, sowie mehrere Testschritte zur Überprüfung der Applikation erstellt werden. Ein einzelner Testschritt besteht aus
    - Wertzuweisung für ein/mehrere globale PLC-Variablen (DB/PLC Variable)
    - RUN statement: Anzahl der CPU Zyklen/Laufzeit
    - Asset: Nach Ablauf der Zeit wird der Aktualwert einer Variablen mit einem definierten Wert verglichen
  • Folgende Schritte werden nach Teststart durch den Anwender automatisch ausgeführt
    - Erstellen einer PLCSIM Adv. Instanz
    - Download der im Projekt ausgewählten CPU auf die PLCSIM Adv.
    - Testausführung und anschließendes Löschen der PLCSIM Instanz
    - Ausgabe der Testergebnisse im TIA Portal
  • Unterstützung einer testgetriebene Entwicklung für S7-Programme
  • Nur getesteter Code wird auf eine reale Maschine aufgespielt
  • Kontinuierliche Regressionstests garantieren dauerhaft zuverlässige Codequalität
  • Die Software kann auf mehreren Rechnern installiert werden. Die Anzahl der vorhandenen Lizenzen bestimmt die Zahl der Rechner, auf denen die Software zeitgleich genutzt werden kann (Floating License).
  • Die TIA Portal Test Suite Advanced V16 erfordert STEP 7 Professional V16 inklusive Update 1. Für die Ausführung von Applikationstests ist außerdem die Software SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced V3.0 inklusive Update 1 zu installieren. Unterstützte Betriebssysteme und benötigte Hardwarevoraussetzungen sind bei STEP 7 Professional V16 einzusehen.
  • Für die ausschließliche Ausführung der Applikationstests ist keine SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced erforderlich. Sofern jedoch manuelle oder automatische Funktionstests über die SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced API ausgeführt werden sollen, so ist eine zusätzliche Lizenz für SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced erforderlich.
  • Die mit der Test Suite erstellten Applikationstests können nur in Zusammenspiel mit SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced V3.0 inklusive Update 1 oder höher ausgeführt werden. Eine zusätzliche SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced V3.0 Lizenz ist hierfür jedoch nicht erforderlich.
  • Es besteht die Möglichkeit, einen Software Update Service abzuschließen.


Article No.

TIA Portal Test Suite V16


Floating license
(Software and License Key for download)

Software Update Service (SUS)


SUS Download

TIA Portal Openness

You can use the API interface of WinCC and STEP 7 in the TIA Portal to integrate the TIA Portal in your development environment and automate your engineering tasks. Write your own applications with external development environments, for example, a code generator for HMI screens and PLC blocks.

The following new functions are available with TIA Portal Openness V16:

  • Provision of several API versions
    Because the Openness DLLs of V14 SP1, V15, V15.1 and V16 are included in the scope of delivery, applications based on V14 SP1, V15 or V15.1 run without modification also with V16. To use the functions of V16, you must integrate the DLL of V16 and re-compile the application.
  • XML export of the snapshot of actual values
    The snapshot of the actual values is stored in the XML file during export via Openness. Different snapshots can therefore be compared via XML files.
  • Fault-tolerant XML import of inconsistent blocks
    Block XMLs can be imported, even if used UDTs or called blocks are not available or not matching in the target project.
  • F/PLC station upload via Openness
    A station upload to an empty project can be triggered from an F/PLC via Openness during runtime. The station upload is expanded by the following data: Recipes, data logs and user files
  • PLC offline/offline comparison
    Automatically triggered comparison of two PLCs which can be in different projects.
  • Automatic protection of blocks
    A block can be protected using Openness API know-how. Conversely, a know-how-protected block can be unlocked via Openness API.
  • Download to an R/H PLC

    Automatic download of the R/H PLC, which can be operated redundantly and is available in TIA Portal V15.1, consisting of the primary and backup PLC.

  • Export and import of watch tables
    Export of watch tables to XML and import of watch tables from XML.
  • Reading out checksums of a PLC S7-1500 and S7-1200.
    Checksums can be read out for the following data: Hardware, connection, routing, certificates, text lists, download, fail-safe program, change counter
  • Reading of block checksums
    Checksums can be determined for blocks. A user can independently add the checksums for code, interface, comment, etc. to the exported XML.
  • Parameter-specific access  to ET 200SP modules
    Reading/writing of HW moduleparameters of ET 200SP is supported
  • Opening reference project
    In a TIA Portal instance, a project for editing can be opened via Openness as before, and it is now also possible to open an additional project - read-only - as reference project
  • Archive or retrieve project
    API-controlled access to the TIA Portal functions project archiving and project retrieval
  • Save global libraries under a different name
    Copies of global libraries can now be created via Openness.
  • Extension of the support for the configuration of assemblies and modules
    Configuration of the S7-1500 PLCs and ET200SP modules such as: OPC UA server configuration and user management, certificate management, web server configuration and user management, monitoring tables for web server and display

  • Export and import of technology objects


TIA Portal Cloud Connector - Flexible access to centralized IT infrastructure

The TIA Portal Cloud Connector enables access to local PG/PC interfaces and connected SIMATIC hardware from the TIA Portal Engineering while the engineering is taking place via a remote desktop on a server of a private cloud.


  • Central software management on a private cloud server for various TIA Portal Engineering software and versions – making local installation on the workstation computer superfluous

  • Online access from the server via the workstation to PLC/HMI hardware in the laboratory or in a production cell

  • Reduction of workplace hardware requirements


  • The TIA Portal Cloud Connector tunnels the S7 communication between engineering software on the server and the local interfaces of the personal computer

  • In order to activate communication, the TIA Portal Cloud Connector must be started at both ends – server and personal computer.

  • Communication takes place as standard with TCP/IP (uncoded). A coded HTTPS connection can be used starting with Windows 8.1. For this purpose, authentication and encryption certificates must be exchanged between server and personal computer.

  • Using his/her personal computer, the user can be connected to the server via a remote desktop and directly access PLC/HMI hardware connected to the personal computer online.




Article No.

TIA Portal Cloud Connector


Single License (License Key for download)

Single License (License Key on USB stick )

TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering - Several engineers simultaneously working on the same project

TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering allows several users to work on the same project simultaneously. Working in local sessions is carried out independently of each other, changes made by other users are displayed and can be accepted.
The basic principle:
The project administration is handled by an autonomous server application. This can be installed independent of a TIA Portal.


  • Significant reduction in configuration times, and projects can be commissioned faster.

  • Existing Know-how of specialists can be optimally integrated

Area of application


TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering can be used to implement different working options:

  • Scenario 1
    Several configuration engineers work cross-device on different objects. Each configuration engineer processes the objects assigned to him/her on different devices (controllers).
  • Scenario 2
    Several configuration engineers work device-oriented on different objects. Each configuration engineer processes the objects assigned to him/her on only one device (controller)
  • Scenario 3
    Several configuration engineers work technology-oriented on different objects. Each configuration engineer works on defined technological objects (e.g. Motor_1 or Motor_2) on all existing devices (controllers).


  • The project administration is located on a local or external server.

  • Different users work in local sessions, based on the projects administered by the server

  • Working in local sessions is carried out independently

  • Changes made in the local sessions are transferred to the server project by checking-in.

  • Checked-in changes made by other users are displayed and can be easily accepted.


  • The software is part of STEP7/WinCC (TIA Portal) DVD rsp. the program download.

  • Licensed as Floating license:
    The number of licenses determines the number of computers the software can be used on at one time.


Article No.

TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering V16


Floating license
(License Key for download)

Floating license
(License Key on USB stick)



Upgrade TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering V14 .. V15-> V16
(License Key for download)

Upgrade TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering V14 ...V15 ->V16
(License Key on USB stick)

Software Update Service (SUS)


SUS Download

SUS Package

TIA Portal User Management Component (UMC) - Global user administration for increasing plant security

Efficient user management is a key part of every security concept. User management in the TIA Portal enables system-wide, central maintenance of users, including an optional connection to
Windows Active Directories. The person-specific assignment of roles and authorizations minimizes maintenance effort while achieving a high degree of transparency. This provides a solid foundation for efficient and consistent administration of personalized access rights in the plant, which significantly reduces security risks.

The TIA User Management Component (UMC) option provided with TIA Portal V16 offers the possibility of global user administration. Users and user groups can be defined and managed across projects. Users and user groups can also be taken from a Microsoft Active Directory.

Global users and user groups can be imported into the various TIA Portal projects in which these users will work. These user accounts are defined and managed outside the TIA Portal in UMC (User Management Component). To add users and user groups from UMC, the corresponding rights are required in UMC.



TIA Portal User Management Component (UMC) offers:

  • Central cross-project user management in the system

  • Managing user groups

  • Import of Windows users and user groups

  • Efficient administration of users / user groups in a system

  • Fault tolerance through redundant design of a UMC domain

  • Load distribution of login request surges by means of several UMC stations in a UMC domain


  • The software is already included in the scope of delivery of your TIA Portal product (STEP 7, WinCC).
  • The User Management Component is available as a rental license for 365 days, the corresponding Certificate of license can be downloaded.
  • Licenses are countable




Article No.

TIA Portal User Management Component (UMC) V1 -
10 users or less

free, no license needed
Rental License for 100 users and 365 days
Certificate of License for download
Rental License for 4000 users and 365 days
Certificate of License for download

TIA Portal Teamcenter Gateway - Connecting the Engineering with the PLM-System

Integration of the automation technology into the PLM system Teamcenter is achieved using the TIA Portal Teamcenter Gateway. Cross-discipline and consistent data management of all machine data is then possible.
The automation engineer can be integrated in Teamcenter workflows based on business processes within the company, e.g. in release or change management.

The Teamcenter Gateway permits administration of TIA Portal projects and global libraries in Teamcenter.
Teamcenter operations like saving, opening, revising etc.are carried out directly from the TIA Portal.
Used TIA libraries are automatically linked to TIA projects in Teamcenter



  • Fewer faults in the engineering phase as a result of consistent cross-discipline data management

  • Reduced search effort for the correct version of TIA projects or libraries


  • When using the Teamcenter Gateway the compatibility of installed program version has to be observed, currently TIA Portal V16 and Teamcenter V11.2/11.3


Article No.

TIA Portal Teamcenter Gateway V16


Floating license (Software and License Key for download)

Floating license (Software on DVD / License Key on USB stick)



TIA Portal Teamcenter Gateway V14 ...V15 -> V16
Floating license (Software and License Key for download)

TIA Portal Teamcenter Gateway V14 ... V15-> V16
Floating license (Software and License Key for download)

Software Update Service (SUS)


SUS Download

SUS Package


Successful use of TIA Portal

Around the world, companies from a wide range of industries are using TIA Portal as an engineering platform. We will introduce you to a few of these companies here.
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