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Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) - USA

How harnessing the digital thread can deliver agility and responsiveness

Embracing digitalization is the only way a modern business can meet today's challenges.  According to a recent survey nearly 70% of executive respondents prioritized the goal of becoming a digital enterprise in 2020 - becoming more innovative in product development and agile in manufacturing. Siemens is presenting a series of webinars on what it means to become a Digital Enterprise and how Manufacturing Operations Management Software equips you with the tools needed to rapidly respond to market changes.

Live webinar Wednesday, March 18 at 2:00 pm ET

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Digitalization: Fiscal strength of a big company, agility of a small one

These are critical questions facing process manufacturing executives today:

  • How can large companies match the innovation pace of start-ups?
  • Is becoming a digital enterprise the answer?
  • Where should a business invest in digital technologies – with their chemists, or their manufacturing engineers, or their process control system?
  • How are these systems even connected, or does “digital” simply mean emailing files instead of passing paper?

Our first series of webinars focuses on the Chemical Industry

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