Complete protection of the 24V supply against overloads? It is definitely possible!

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A reliable power supply is the base of every production and every plant. Protecting the 24 V supply against overloads is therefore tantamount. When failure is not an option look to the SITOP SEL1400 module for increased protection through its current-limiting features - plus space savings, fast installation, fast fault localization and remote maintenance.  

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The SEL1400 as part of the SITOP PSU6200 family is a reliable solution for ensuring machine availability.

Benefits include:

  • Fast fault tracking reduces downtime.
  • High availability due to the 24 V supply without any interruptions to unaffected loads.
  • Both current and voltage are monitored (monitoring and limiting load currents up to 10A) for optimal protection.
  • Easily switch on capacitive loads.
  • Lower inrush current allows smaller power supply.
  • Switching on again error-free outputs from a distance.
  • Easy commissioning and troubleshooting.
  • Channel-accurate message via only one digital input for diagnostics via function blocks.
  • Add-on module optimally matched for SITOP power supplies.
  • Application-specific optimized sizing possible (4 outputs/10A, 8 outputs/ 5A and 8 outputs/ 10A available).


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