SITOP DC/DC converters

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SITOP DC/DC converters – for a stable power supply despite a fluctuating DC voltage

A SITOP DC/DC converter can be used as a “refresher” – in other words, this module guarantees a reliable power supply to a remote load when bridging long distances. At the same time, a SITOP DC/DC converter serves as a stabilizer: If the power supply is unstable, it stabilizes it in the downstream feeder.   This type of module is ideal for use with battery-powered devices, where the battery’s output voltage can vary depending on its charge status. A SITOP DC/DC converter ensures a stable 24 V DC supply to connected loads, such as a control unit (CPU).

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SITOP PSU3400 DC/DC converters ensure a stable 12 V or 24 V power supply despite a fluctuating input voltage.

  • Operation with 24 V DC or 48 V DC batteries, thanks to a wide input voltage range
  • Avoidance of incorrect installation, thanks to reverse polarity protection at the input
  • Small mounting surface and space savings, thanks to a slim design and the possibility of different mounting positions
  • Adjustable output voltage for compensating voltage drops
  • Signaling contact for easy integration into the plant monitoring system
  • Minimal heat dissipation inside the control cabinet, thanks to the power supply’s high degree of efficiency
  • Low energy consumption, thanks to the high degree of efficiency
  • Reduced energy losses even during no-load operation, thanks to very low no-load losses
  • Extensive certifications for all standard applications worldwide
  • Industry-specific use in shipbuilding (maritime applications), thanks to DNVGL and ABS Marine Approval
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The SITOP PSU400M power supply with a 600 V DC input is suitable as an efficient DC/DC converter for drive and battery systems. It has a large input range and temperature range, high efficiency of 95 percent, and a slim design. Thanks to its overload capacity, it supplies 50 percent extra power for 5 s/min.

As an accessory, a voltage surge limiter is available as ballast for the SITOP PSU400M. This makes it possible to connect the DC/DC converter directly to a DC voltage of up to 900 V DC.

DC/DC converters

You can complain about fluctuations. Or compensate for them.

Plants and systems with safety-related applications are equipped with a battery backup. These include, for example, applications in industry, power plants, water treatment plants, and vehicle on-board power supplies. In order to reliably supply the loads involved in this type of application with their rated input voltage, SITOP offers a range of different DC/DC converters.

Stable power supply despite fluctuating DC voltage

Typical DC/DC converter applications:

  • Refreshing DC voltage when bridging long distances
  • Stabilizing DC voltage when the input voltage fluctuates
  • Galvanic isolation of DC feeders, e.g. in shipbuilding
  • Use as battery-powered backup supply for infrastructure facilities, e.g. at train stations, for maximum availability
  • Stable power supply for battery-powered AMR (autonomous mobile robot)
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