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SITOP PSU6200 – the all-around power supply for a wide range of applications. 
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Get a 10% discount on the unit price and experience the benefits of our 1-phase PSU6200 power supply in combination with an 8-channel SEL1200 selectivity module.


The SITOP starter package 6EP3336-7SB00-3AP0 consists of

  • 24 V power supply: SITOP PSU6200, 1-phase, DC 24 V/20 A: 6EP3336-7SB00-3AX0
  • 24 V protection: SITOP SEL1200, DC 24 V/8x10 A: 6EP4438-7FB00-3DX0

Did you know that with our starter package you not only benefit from simple and fast wiring thanks to push-in technology, but you can also integrate the diagnostic data of the 24 V system into your automation in a cost-optimized way, using free function blocks & faceplates?

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When it comes to electricity, you can stay with the old. Or benefit from the new standard.

Experience the start of a new chapter in the world of standard power supplies with the SITOP PSU6200 all-around power supply. Whether you’re a builder or operator of control panels, machines, or plants, all users benefit from the ingenious functions and features of the new SITOP PSU6200 product line – throughout the entire lifecycle, from planning and engineering to installation and operation.

Impressive highlights for perfect power*

*For all device versions as of 10 A

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The future has one face. Or many faces.

As an all-around power supply, SITOP PSU6200 offers a broad selection of power supply units for a wide range of applications and currents – with a uniform design and uniform handling of all device versions. We help simplify product selection as well as mechanical and electrical engineering with smart selection tools and comprehensive CAx files.

An integrated product familiy for the future

Selecting and handling a power supply shouldn’t take up a lot of your time. That’s why the SITOP PSU6200 all-around power supply is exactly right for you. The consistent product family offers you suitable single-phase power supplies and add-on modules for comprehensive, all-round protection – for different current and voltage intensities.

All the power supply unit versions are available in an attractive, uniform design. Their consistent, easy handling not only saves time but also increases failure safety – from installation and operation to service and maintenance.


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