psu6200 power supply

A standard power supply that delivers advanced power security

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The new SITOP PSU6200 power supply offers advanced features to save space, time and money at a standard power supply price.

Benefits include:

  • Narrow overall width for direct side-by-side mounting with no lateral clearance requirements.
  • Accurate and fast wiring with push-in connection and clear terminal labelling.
  • Diagnostic monitor directly on the housing for fast recognition of load and service life via LEDs.
  • Diagnostic interface provides important operating parameters to the PLC for continuous condition monitoring.
  • Ensuring safety during operation with a robust AC input for protection against undervoltages and overvoltages from the mains, DC-capable wide-range input and constant current behavior.
  • The consistent product family offers you suitable 1‑ and 3‑phase power supplies and add‑on modules for comprehensive, all‑around protection — for different current and voltage intensities.   


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