USA | Flare Measurement

Regulatory Compliant Flare Measurement

On-line measurement of BTU Heat Value and Sulfur Content

Ensure environmental regulation compliance

Continuous and Precise On-Line Measurement

Ensure environmental regulation compliance with the MAXUM Flare Process Gas Chromatograph by continuous and precise on-line measurement.  Improve combustion efficiency and reduce flair visibility by controlling auxiliary fuel gas and stream/air addition based on continuous compositional fuel and waste gas measurement.  Typical measurement points are:

  • H2S in Fuel Gas
  • BTU Value of fuel and waste gas
  • Composition of fuel and waste gas
  • Olefin specific emission (HRVOC)
  • Total Sulfur in waste gas

The download provides you with an overview of the various flare gas measurement requirements and proven system scope for a variety of flare compliance measurement systems. By utilizing an on-line Process Gas Chromatograph, it enables you to quantify emission and ensure regulatory compliance.

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