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From monitoring impurities in vents, stacks, air or water to point source or area monitoring, automatic and on-line measurements are important tools. Siemens Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) provide a low cost monitoring package for refining, hydrocarbon processing and chemical plants.

40 CFR 60


Based on the Clean Air Act as well as local regulations, increasingly stringent environmental regulations require the overall reduction of Sulfur emissions. Consequently, it is necessary to monitor and control specific sulfur constituents and total sulfur content in products that are combusted and emitted. Siemens on-line MAXUM Process Gas Chromatographs  and Gas Analyzers are utilized for Total Sulfur Monitoring and H2S Monitoring in Fuel Gas.


Link to EPA State Regulations

Flare and Cooling Towers


Siemens has developed, documented and installed hundreds of complete measurement solutions for federally mandated ozone compliance requirements including the reduction of Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compounds (HRVOC) emission from flare and cooling water.

HRVOC Reports available upon request:

  • Siemens HRVOC Sparger Equivalency Report

  • Siemens HRVOC Cooling Tower Configuration & Validation Report

  • Siemens HRVOC Flare Configuration & Validation Report

  • Siemens HRVOC Cooling Tower Extraction Systems

Flash Gas Measurement Solution

Due to EPA regulations, accurate flash gas monitoring and data gathering has been a challenge that needs to be addressed. The SITRANS FUG1010 provides a safe flash gas measurement solution.



Siemens Standard Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS), is a low cost emissions monitoring package designed to operate in a general purpose, environmentally controlled shelter or cabinet.


The targeted markets are NOX reduction sites at Refining, Hydrocarbon Processing and Chemical Plants.


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Area Monitoring


Area monitoring can be utilized around specific plant areas, at selected locations of industrialized or populated areas, or at certain geographical strategic points for the continuous reduction of a wide range of emission sources and components.  Gas Chromatography analytical systems may utilize automatic and continuous sample enrichment and general or selective trace detectors to determine multiple constituents down to detection levels of less than 1 ppb.

Area monitoring for:

  • Hydrocarbons, Halogenated and other components

  • Sensitivity as low as ppt concentrations

  • Cycle time 1÷ 15 minutes

  • Measurement points typically 1 to 15

  • Sample enrichment with a maintenance free closed loop refrigeration

  • Standard communication and network ability


Water Monitoring


Analytical measurement systems using process gas chromatographs ensure suitable water quality and prevent environmental contamination. Online monitoring may be desirable when the concentration of contaminants changes rapidly.  Measurements may be in the parts-per-billion concentration range.

Monitoring of pollutants in water includes:

  • Online and automatic measurement

  • ppt to ppm concentration range

  • Drinking water, surface, well water, waste water, process cooling water

  • Effluent biological treatment

  • Continuous extraction of contaminants utilizing sparger or membrane technology

  • Standard communication and network ability


Laser Diode Spectrometer - LDS 6 


The basic design of the diode laser gas analyzer LDS 6 enables measurements to be performed non-intrusively and in real-time – without any disturbance or delay due to gas sampling or gas conditioning.  As a consequence of the fast in-situ measuring, the profitability and the environmental compatibility of most processes can be increased.


More information LDS 6


LDS 6 Brochure

EMACT / MON Flare Regulations


Environmental regulations for flare emissions have become more stringent with the EPA recently releasing new Ethylene MACT (EMACT) and Miscellaneous Organic Chemical Manufacturing NESHAP (MON) regulations. These regulations target the reduction of flare emissions for many chemical and petrochemical plants with the final compliance date of mid-2023 for many plants. An important part of these regulations is the requirement to insure sufficient combustion of any organics in the flare gas. Therefore, a key compliance requirement for the affected flares is the need to confirm a minimum BTU is available in the gas being burned by the flare. But due to the dynamic range of components, fast and reliable measurement of the BTU can be a challenge.


Siemens Analytical Products and Solutions has installed hundreds of environmental monitoring systems on flares across the US for EPA compliance monitoring. Complete solutions are available to meet the specific requirements of the flare monitoring compliance.

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