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Continuous Gas Analyzer (CGA) Quick Ship Products

Siemens developed the Quick Ship Program designed for those unexpected times when you need fast delivery of Gas Analyzer products.
Part Number
OXYMAT 61, 2% min span, without internal reference gas pump, 120 VAC

OXYMAT 61, 2% min span, with internal reference gas pump, 120 VAC

OXYMAT 6F, 2% min span, FM/CSA
OXYMAT 6F, 2% min span, heated, FM/CSA
OXYMAT 6E, 2% min span, FM/CSA
OXYMAT 6E, 2% min span, piped gas path, FM/CSA
ULTRAMAT 23, hosed, CO2%,CH4%,O2%,H2S ppm
ULTRAMAT 23, hosed, CO2%,CH4%,O2%, FM/CSA for flammable gas
ULTRAMAT 23, hosed, with internal pump & CO2%,CH4%,O2%, H2S%
ULTRAMAT 23 , hosed, with integrated pump, CO2%,CH4%,O2%, FM CSA for flammable gas
CGA Quick Ship Inventory (QSI) Program

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