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Maxum Edition II gas chromatograph

Process Gas Chromatograph

Known for its flexibility, power, and reliability, the process gas chromatograph MAXUM Ed. II stands for state-of-the-art technology for the analysis of both liquid and gaseous samples. It is used in a wide variety of applications primarily in refineries, the oil refining industry, and the chemical industry.

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Process gas chromatography

The MAXUM Edition II offers unique variety

The MAXUM Edition II is used to measure the chemical composition in gases and evaporable liquids in all stages of production and in all areas of refineries, oil refining, and chemical industries. It was developed specifically for installation in harsh processing environments, to operate either directly online at the process or nearby.


The application flexibility of the MAXUM Edition II allows for the analysis of feedstock, by-products and end products, for quality measurement, and for the determination of waste products. Its versatile features offer the best possible analytical results at low operating costs thanks to a wide selection of components such as injectors, ovens, detectors, and separation columns, as well as components for column switching. Liquid samples can be optimally dosed by the use of a liquid injection valve. Highly sensitive detectors ensure a reliable trace analysis through precise sensors. An additional benefit is the economic efficiency resulting from the single and double-oven concept plus the modular oven. In addition, networked devices can be monitored in real time by the workstation.


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Electronic Factory Acceptance Test Options

A variety of options to meet your needs.

While Siemens process gas chromatograph, system integration packages and analytical monitoring systems undergo a rigorous set of final production tests and documentation, some customers still elect to check the system with a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) before shipment.


Maxum Modular Oven

Ten steps are all it takes for easy removal and replacement of Maxum modular oven modules.

Adaptable to any analysis task

The MAXUM ed. II with modular oven is an option of the MAXUM GC analytic platform and is comprised of an electrically heated oven with complete insertable chromatography modules. Removal and replacement of a module can be performed in mere minutes, dramatically reducing operating and maintenance times regarding the gas chromatograph. The module can be repaired at the user’s convenience in their maintenance shop or returned to Siemens for refurbishment. With its combination of different components in a modular type system, the MAXUM ed. II offers a variety of analytical options. It is therefore possible to perform different measurement tasks with just one product, reducing costs for investment, training, and spare parts for our customers.

Reliable Performance, Minimal Maintenance and Quick Delivery

The Maxum Modular Oven (MMO) process gas chromatograph is the ideal solution when simple reliable performance is needed. Using removable analytical modules, maintenance is greatly simplified for lower maintenance costs. The MMO simple design means it can be delivered in half the time as a traditional Maxum gas chromatograph.

Technical specifications

Detector types
Thermal conductivity (TCD/4 cells)
Number of detectors
Max. 4 TCD detector modules

Individual or two independent ovens; optionally a small

oven for one small analytics module, a large oven for two

small analytics modules, or a large analytics module;

Two small or two large ovens or any desired combination;

The dual-oven version

Temperature ranges
+60 to 80°C

Benefits at a glance:

  • Reduction of installation costs due to lower installation requirements 
  • High degree of availability due to perfect Plug&Play principle of the analytic modules
  • High level of standardization and low operating costs result in a high level of economic efficiency 
  • Intelligent electronics, local operation via touch screen and central workstation for user-friendly operation 
  • Powerful software for excellent analysis results 
  • Comprehensive network options for central maintenance and secure data transmission 
  • Global Service and Support organization

Special analytical tasks require stable temperatures in the oven to optimize separating performance of the components. The requirements for optimum separation performance are met with our two oven types. The airless oven provides extremely stable isothermal temperatures with high control accuracy, completely without the use of air. The airbath oven offers both isothermal and temperature-programmed operation with air supply.

Airbath/Airless – technical specifications

Detector types

Thermal conductivity (TCD/8 or 2 cells),

flame ionization (FID);

flame photometry (FPD),

plasma discharge (BID),

electron capture (ECD)  

Number of detectors  
Max. 3x detector modules

Single isothermal airbath oven or dual airbath oven with two

separate isothermal zones

Single oven or two separate airless ovens in separate oven space 

Temperature ranges 

+50 to 260°C (airless)
+5 to 225°C (airbath, isothermal mode)

+5 to 330°C (PTGC)

Gaseous and liquid samples; various valve types


  • Specific system adaptation to optimally fulfill measurement tasks
  • Time and cost savings through parallel chromatography 
  • Low operating costs: Flexible oven concept optimizes the air and energy consumption of the analytical solution 
  • Versatility through different detector types such as FID, TCD, FPD, PDD (HID, PID and ECD mode) as well as multi-detectors 
  • Valveless live column switching with electronic pressure regulators
  • Intelligent electronics, local operation and central workstation for user-friendly operation 
  • Powerful software for excellent analysis results 
  • Comprehensive network options for central maintenance and secure data transmission 
  • Global Service and Support organization
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