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Fieldbus communications such as HART, PROFIBUS, and Foundation Fieldbus enable integration of Siemens instruments into the Totally Integrated Automation concept. SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager) allows for continuous access to field device data. Siemens also offers a range of WirelessHART products.

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Field Device Integration

Process Device Manager (PDM)

With SIMATIC PDM and SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station you can use one program to configure and maintain a number of field devices from different manufacturers with a single user interface.


SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station

SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station (PDM MS) utilizes the functions of the proven SIMATIC Process Device Manager (PDM) software, which can be used for configuration, parameter assignment, commissioning and monitoring of smart field devices and provides diagnostics, condition and parameter data to SIMATIC PDM MS.

EtherNet I/P Wireless Gateway

Cost-effective interface and Wi-Fi access point

EtherNet I/P Wireless Gateway

The Siemens EtherNet I/P (EIP) wireless gateway provides a cost-effective interface to building communications management systems. The Siemens gateway enables users to access a broader market by meeting specifications for EIP connectivity. It also dramatically improves time-to-market and remote site support for OEM field devices.


The EIP gateway also has the unique ability to act as a Wi-Fi access point. Users can directly connect their mobile device to the gateway without having to be on the facility’s LAN or WAN to access the local applications.


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HART and WirelessHART

HART is a widely used communications standard for field devices.

Options for HART Communications


The HART standard expands the 4-20 mA signal into a modulated, industry-standard digital HART signal. The advantage is the combination of field-tested analog measurements with digital communication, making it possible to transfer diagnostic, maintenance and process information from field devices to higher-level systems. 


Standardized sets of parameters can be used for cross-vendor operation of all HART devices. HART Device Descriptions (EDD) are used to integrate HART devices in SIMATIC PDM and SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station, ensuring easy operation and commissioning of field devices even in hard to reach locations.



Based on our in-depth experience in process automation and industrial wireless technology, we have developed a range of first-class WirelessHART products as part of a unique portfolio for the process industry. It also includes products and systems for wireless remote networks and industrial wireless LAN (IWLAN), as well as a comprehensive instrumentation product portfolio.


Contact our Engineered Instrumentation Solutions team to turn their expertise into a solution customized for your needs.

PROFIBUS, Foundation Fieldbus


PROFIBUS is a universal, open fieldbus allowing for:

  • Fast communication with intelligent, distributed I/O devices (PROFIBUS with DP system)
  • Communication and simultaneous powering for transmitters and actuators

PROFIBUS results in enormous cost savings – not only by reducing the need for cabling and input/output hardware, but also due to the significantly greater amount of information associated with digital transmission. 


PROFIBUS Catalog Sheet

2nd Edition

An Introduction to PROFIBUS and PROFINET


This book lays the groundwork for communication design and provides a firm understanding of what is required to implement a PROFIBUS or PROFINET system. 


The goal is to help you and your organization improve safety, efficiencies, and productivity with discussions about operations, protocol details, physical layers and networks, installation tips, and troubleshooting.



Foundation Fieldbus is an open protocol designed to allow bi-directional communications to field instruments. This communication enables:

  • Asset management
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Flexible expandability based on device description
  • Distributed data transfer (DDT)

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