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Our digital solutions & apps use the data obtained from field level, combine it, and generate valuable KPIs that help you with plant optimization.
SITRANS IQ Digital Solutions

How does digitalization take you from Field to the Cloud?

What if production plants could talk? Communication data tells us a lot about operating conditions. Use digitalization connectivity to analyze plant data in order to optimize processes. SITRANS IQ – Measuring what matters.

SITRANS IQ: Communicate with your plant

An immense amount of condition data is generated in a process plant. SITRANS IQ extracts this data, evaluates it, and edits it according to the specific needs of the operator. This sets completely new standards for improving processes. It’s time to have a talk with your plant.



Siemens sets new standards in measurement technology

The new highlights of Siemens Process Instrumentation pave the way to the future
PIA Life Cycle Portal

The tool for engineering, ordering, installation and operation

Picture this: Your new process plant is currently being built. While the construction progresses, you start with the engineering – but the process is very time-consuming since there is a plethora of different instruments for a multitude of different measuring points. How about a tool that helps you choose the right device for every purpose and seamlessly migrates this data into your engineering base? Meet the PIA Life Cycle Portal.

Find the perfect match with the PIA Life Cycle Portal

The PIA Life Cycle Portal suggests the right device for your measuring task, filtered by either

• industry,
• application or
• technology

and guided by process charts of the most common (sub-)processes of your industry to shorten the time spent searching in catalogs, data sheets and the internet.

Process Control

Meet the future of process automation

Prepare for the future of automation today: A future in which new opportunities are created through holistic efficiency gains. A future in which users in the process industries will enjoy intuitive engineering and operation. A future in which web-based collaboration is redefined. Experience what it means to rethink process control technology. Discover SIMATIC PCS neo.

Web-based process control: SIMATIC PCS neo

With SIMATIC PCS neo, Siemens presents a groundbreaking system software. For companies in the process industries, it opens up entirely new possibilities in the age of digitalization – such as global web-based collaboration in engineering and operations. The new system uses the recently innovated hardware portfolio and the application architecture of the comprehensive, high-performance SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 process control system - optimally balancing protection of investments and expertise.

Field device integration

Get the information from the field flowing

Devices of our SITRANS family come with best-in-class EDD, FDI and DTM packages on board for easy integration into your automation system.

Monitor data from the cloud

This video demonstrates how easy it is to set up a portable IOT battery powered level monitoring system.

Digitalize your valves

Siemens Valve Monitoring App provides the SIPART PS2 with extensive control and diagnostics to protect valves and cut maintenance costs:

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to predictive maintenance
  • Detection of anomalies and wearing for scheduled maintenance
  • Increased transparency regarding valve and positioner quality
  • Reduced wear and operating costs through optimization of positioner parameters

Simatic Process Device Manager (PDM) and Maintenance Station

As Industry 4.0 and digitalization gradually enter the process industries, process instruments play a vital part in generating process information. With the increasing intelligence of "smart sensors" also comes complexity. SITRANS devices come with on-board maintenance and diagnostic functions such as self-test, drag indication, partial stroke tests and multiple adjustable limit values, as well as sophisticated functions for process monitoring and control.


SIMATIC Process Device Manager (PDM) is a universal cross-manufacturer tool for configuration, parameter assignment, commissioning, diagnostics, and maintenance of intelligent process devices and automation components. More than 4,500 devices of over 200 different manufacturers can be commissioned, parametrized, or serviced using a single program with a uniform user interface.

Wondering whether the device will work with your DCS system?

Our Interoperability Lab team already took care of that. We test our devices upfront with all common DCS systems to make sure that their integration is seamless and easy.
We test the devices with the following DCS systems:


• Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7
• ABB 800xA
• Emerson Delta V
• Yokogawa Centum VP

This ensures proven integration compatibility of SITRANS field devices in all major DCS systems. Whenever you encounter a problem with integrating our devices, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our experts will recreate your problem in the Interoperability Lab and give you feedback and advice.

Make the most of your intelligent field devices with the SITRANS Library

Intelligent process instruments are equipped with smart features that can be optimized using the SITRANS Library.


Offering device-specific faceplates, this engineering and operation tool offers plant owners a new degree of transparency, allowing easier operation and fast troubleshooting.

Digital Transformation

A framework for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is overhauling the chemical process industries.

Follow these five steps to implement Industry 4.0 projects

  1. Define the relevant business drivers
  2. Assess the digital maturity of your organization, manufacturing facilities, and equipment 
  3. Choose initial projects
  4. Estimate the cost of projects
  5. Create an implementation plan


Potential applications for digital technologies are broad. This article reviews four common areas of implementation: control valve monitoring, alarm and event management, predictive maintenance, and connected workers. 


Start your Digital Transformation journey today!


Dare to get digital

With PROFINET in place on the field level and intelligent service concepts at hand, the way into the digital age has been paved. Dare to get digital with us.

Bringing digitalization to the field with PROFINET

Digitalization offers important benefits to the process industry. One of them is increased flexibility. You can benefit from simpler device integration at the highest level of availability. With our new approach to field device connection, the SIMATIC Compact Field Unit (CFU) makes it possible to transfer your conventional system concept into a digital plant, relying on the industrial Ethernet standard PROFINET for high-performance real-time data exchange down to the field level.

Miles of copper cabling, thousands of terminal points and error-prone wiring are a thing of the past if you dare to get digital. Device integration and replacement have never been easier.


Services - off your to-do list

Be it on-site or remote, our service portfolio provides solutions for the general and the specific requirements of your industry across the life cycle of your plant. Commissioning, diagnostics, repair, calibration - all this is off your to-do list.

Your field devices are digital - and so are our services

On-site flow verification, on-site calibration of pressure and temperature devices and other field device services are part of our holistic offering. With our devices fully anchored in the virtual world, customers can also profit from digital services, be it data analytics or remote maintenance and services.


In addition, the Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS) provides a variety of search functions that help you to quickly find the information you seek.

Whether you are looking for quick product information, application examples or a direct contact, SIOS offers you a wide range of services and support 24/7 all around the world.

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