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Automation & Simulation in Action

September 28, 2021
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Automation & Simulation in Action

Intro and Updates on SIMIT Simulation Platform with Live Demo

Testing control system projects and training new operators: what do these two process automation tasks have in common? They can both be achieved with simulation. Join us as Adam Lovette of RoviSys, a Siemens Solution Partner, discusses and demonstrates how SIMIT Simulation Platform is used to support DCS project development, factory acceptance testing, and operator training.                         


Key learning points:

• Advantages of using SIMIT for Siemens control system simulation 

• Overview of new features available in SIMIT V10.3 (released August 2021)

• Comparison of simulation system architectures using virtual vs. real controllers

• How to use simulation for testing graphics, alarms, interlocks, and more

• How to use simulation for operator training and control system familiarization

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