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Control and Safety

Recorded July 21, 2022
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Control and Safety in One CPU?

Learn the pros and cons of combining control and safety in the same box

The “golden rule” of functional safety design is that basic process control systems and safety instrumented systems (SIS) should function independently. This rule stems from the widely accepted idea that without remaining separated, these systems can’t be properly managed and the automatic protection provided by an SIS can be negatively impacted – ultimately increasing the risk of systematic errors and equipment failure.


However, in some cases, there are opportunities to be realized by combining your control and safety systems in one CPU. There’s potential for your plant to benefit from more efficient change management; simplified training, operational and maintenance requirements; a higher level of protection against cyber threats; and more. 


During this Innovation Session, we will investigate:


• Why it’s recommended to keep protection layers independent (but not separated, divergent or asynchronous)

• Current industry standards and considerations (including those from IEC 61511; 2016, ANSI/ISA 61511; 2018, NAMUR and NFPA 85)

• How different process safety technologies address functional safety and cyber security

• Multiple application examples

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