The Latest Siemens DCS Innovation

Recorded: May 11, 2021
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Get to Know the Latest Siemens DCS Innovation: SIMATIC PCS neo

Web-based process control, collaborative engineering, remote operations, modular automation, digital twins.

Join Amanda Thompson, US Product Manager, as she discusses how Siemens is preparing for the future of plant automation by adopting these latest innovations in the new DCS, SIMATIC PCS neo.


Key learning points:


• Reduce control system complexity with an integrated software and hardware solution from Siemens

• Improve the engineering and operations experience with an intuitive, consistent user interface 

• Minimize the effort needed to maintain your control system over the plant’s lifetime

• Flexibly integrate package units into the DCS for a modular approach to plant automation

• Use simulation to shorten commissioning times and efficiently train new operators

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