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How to Get a Head Start on Your Digitalization Journey

Recorded: July 20, 2021
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How to Get a Head Start on Your Digitalization Journey

It's relatively easy to talk about the need for a digital transformation from a high level, but it's more challenging to plan and execute the strategy to create a specific roadmap. It doesn’t have to be that way! Industry 4.0 has now been around for a few years, which has allowed tried-and-tested approaches and methodologies to emerge that can be applied to pretty much any size company in any industry.

This first part of this session will include an interactive approach with questions, quizzes and an overview of our digital transformation framework. The second half is all yours! Come prepared with your best digitalization questions to finish the session in an "ask the expert" format.

During this presentation you will gain the following insights:
• How to take the first steps of the digital transformation journey
• Firsthand knowledge of and discussion about real digitalization projects and technologies with digitalization experts
• How to best prioritize these in terms of resources, return on Investment, digital maturity level and more

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