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In addition to the Process Automation Innovation Tour Siemens participates in webinars and trade shows that focus on specific industries.


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Siemens Digitalization Tech Talks

Hosted by the Siemens Process Automation group, the Digitalization Tech Talks podcast series provides updates on the newest digital technology trends.

Follow our podcast series on Spotify and major podcast platforms including Apple and Google: 

Siemens Process Automation Tech Talks (Apple Podcasts Preview)


Podcast topics include:

  • EP1: Digital Solution Spotlight - store IQ
  • EP2: Engineered Instrument Solutions (EIS) Team
  • EP3: Digital Solution Spotlight - RTLS & Sietrace
  • EP4: Digitalization Consulting Overview and Common Questions Asked
  • EP5: Practical Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence
  • EP6: Trends and challenges in Process Control