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SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring App

Siemens offers today’s facility operators and managers the ability to remotely monitor the activity and health of process equipment, regardless of whether it’s local to the plant or in the most remote of locations.
Digitalize your process plant with SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring App

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Siemens Smart Monitoring

SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring Application

Through the use of Siemens MindSphere and for a low monthly cost, information can be uploaded to the cloud and then used to provide you with real-time monitoring of multiple assets, retrieving real-time data from multiple remote sites for your user group, anywhere and any time. In addition, you can receive alarms, alerts and notifications without delay. And all this can be sent directly to your pc, tablet or phone.
smart monitoring app - reduce site visits

Reduce site visits by up to 90%

Avoid traveling to remote areas under extreme weather conditions by using remote monitoring.

smart monitoring app - reduce maintenance

Save up to 50% of costs due to maintenance delays

Ensure equipment is functioning properly to avoid costly repairs later.

smart monitoring app- reduce cost

Save up to 70% on future cost of expansion

Expanding is easily done - just add more devices to the cloud.

smart monitoring app - reduce down time

Reduce downtime by up to 50% by early fault detection

Real time monitoring catches small issues before they become big problems.


Typical Applications (configurable to your specific requirements)

Keep an eye on virtually any part of your operation that previously required your presence on site or in the control room
tank level

Tank Level

Truck Loading/Unloading

Truck Loading/Unloading

Remote pumping station

Remote pumping stations

Pipeline Safety and Security

Pipeline Safety and Security

Remote Lift Stations

Elevated Tank/Booster Pump Station

Remote lift station

Remote Lift Station

SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring App User Groups Are Defined By You

The size of your user group, how your information is transferred to the MindSphere Cloud and how often your information is updated is designed by you. We customize to your requirements in order to provide the best solution for your monitoring needs and budget. Whether you have one user or 100 or more, and if you need your information updated once a day or multiple times per minute, Siemens can provide a subscription plan and app tailored to provide you the visibility you need for your operation.

The Total Solution

More Than Just Monitoring

While others may offer just an App, Siemens can be your partner from measurement to cloud.

Process Measurement

Securely connecting the field to the cloud

By utilizing Siemens' ability to offer unparalleled flow, level, pressure, temperature, and weight measurement, we can provide a broad range of process measurements and offer unequaled monitoring of the health and performance of those products.


Siemens custom designed industrial communications packages, wired or wireless, can provide the link between field instrumentation data and the MindSphere cloud.   Siemens can integrate anyone’s existing instruments into the package saving you cost.

Choose the communications infrastructure to suit your needs

Siemens industrial wireless communications can provide the link between field instrumentation data and the MindSphere cloud. Our mobile wireless routers enable data transfer to MindSphere in remote locations and come with options for multiple cellular communications standards including LTE, UMTS, and GSM. This extended offering ensures the best signal for data transfer and the most reliable network for installations. 

Cyber Security


In all cases using Siemens MindSphere, data in transit is always encrypted using the latest SSL algorithms TLS 1.2. Data at rest is stored on high-performance servers in data centers that meet the highest standards for data security, protected against cyberthreats and natural disasters.

SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring App

Siemens family of monitoring apps are read only, with information coming from MindSphere and its secure transfer of information. In addition, the apps are designed for one or more "super users" who have final say as to who in the user group can see what information and alarms, how the information is presented to the remainder of the users and how the alarms and notifications are structured. This assures that your information remains in your control at all times. 

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