Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter

The SITRANS FCT010 is a very small yet powerful Coriolis flow transmitter, developed especially for direct digital integration into process automation systems. Its compact design, without display, combined with its capability for digital output signals make it a perfect choice for skids and other applications where space is limited. The SITRANS FCT010 transmitter delivers true multi-parameter measurements (i.e. mass flow, density and temperature) based on advanced digital signal processing technology, bringing you very fast and accurate measurements. 

The SITRANS FCT010 Coriolis transmitter is based on the latest developments within digital signal processing technology. It is engineered for high measuring performance, including:

  • Fast response to step changes in flow

  • Measurement of fast dosing applications

  • Measurement of entrained gas

  • High immunity against process noise

  • High turndown

  • Easy to install commission and maintain

Installation is quick and easy thanks to simplified hardware and cabling. The SITRANS FCT010 uses multidrop-addressable Modbus RTU RS485, a highly time-efficient communication protocol that is easy to program and diagnose. Its fully configurable byte order supports all PLC types with no additional ordering options necessary.

In order to make a complete flowmeter system, the SITRANS FCT010 transmitter must be combined with the SITRANS FCS400MASS 2100 DI 1.5MASS 2100 DI 3-15 or FC300 sensors.



  • High update rate (100 Hz) on all process values

  • Process noise damping using digital signal processing (DSP)

  • Empty pipe monitoring

  • Simulation of process values

  • Intelligent filtering system for aerated flow

Typical applications: OEM and skid builders, Chemical process industry, Oil & gas industry, Automotive industry and Power generation & utility industry.


  • Space-saving – compact sensor and built-in transmitter allow for more efficient skid and plant layout

  • High immunity against process noise

  • Fast response to step changes in flow

  • Direct integration – into new or existing control systems with multidrop-addressable Modbus RTU RS485 communication protocol and fully configurable byte order to support all PLC types

  • High speed – 100 Hz (10 m/s) signal update for reliable data transfer and up to 115,2 kBit/s RS485 data rates for multiple instruments

  • Alarms & safety– advanced diagnosis and service menu enhances troubleshooting and validation

  • Easy installation – with standard connections and streamlined wiring

  • Dedicated performance - delivers true multi-parameter measurements (e.g. mass flow, volume flow, density and temperature)


Compact or remote configuration
Modbus RTU RS485
EMC performance
EN 61326-3-2
Aluminium with corrosion-resistant coating
Enclosure rating
Power Supply
24 VDC
Hazardous areas

Marine approvals



Complying with NAMUR

American Bureau of Shipping
Bureau Veritas
Det Norske Veritas
Germanischer Lloyd
Lloyds Register

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