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SITRANS F S clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters showcase the benefits of digital signal processing: market-leading accuracy, noise immunity and reliability. Need more convincing? There’s also the high-speed data update rate and superior user-friendliness at every stage of installation and operation. With no pressure drop or energy loss, a wide turn-down ratio and non-intrusive sensors that can be installed without cutting into the pipe – you can’t go wrong with SITRANS F S clamp-on for liquid flow measurement.

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SITRANS F S clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters

Siemens is a pioneer in the use of Lamb wave transit-time sensors for clamp-on flow measurement. We call it WideBeam® – and it increases accuracy by reducing sensitivity to any changes in the fluid. How? WideBeam® technology uses the pipe wall as a waveguide to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio and provide a wider area of vibration. These high-performance sensors are designed for steel pipes, but they also work with aluminum, titanium and plastic.

Taking Clamp-on Ultrasonic flow measurement to a new level of performance

Martin Dingman of Siemens Industry, Inc. discusses the new FS230 clamp-on ultrasonic meters for liquid and gases. Topics covered are theory of operation, new innovative features and benefits, industry specific applications, installation tips and tricks, and selection criteria. 


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How does an ultrasonic flow meter work?

When traveling in the same direction as a flowing medium, ultrasonic waves move faster than waves traveling against the flow. Ultrasonic flow meters use this principle to accurately measure the volume of many liquids and gases – and also to derive parameters like density and viscosity. Watch the video to learn more!

SITRANS FS230 with Ex approval: Built to meet the toughest demands of the hydrocarbon industry 

The SITRANS FS230 clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter accurately tracks the margin and volume of oil being transported in pipeline segments, while keeping the environment protected. See how in our video!

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Success Stories

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