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CEESI calibration

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow technology for pipelines that meets AGA 9 guidelines? Yes, it exists!

Siemens clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters have been installed on natural gas pipelines for over 20 years, servicing a wide range of applications including gas storage, compressors, transmission, custody transfer and more. Recently, the dual-path SITRANS FS230 gas clamp-on flow system installed on a 16” meter run calibrated at CEESI (Colorado Engineering Experiment Station Inc.) was proven to meet AGA No. 9 guidelines for custody transfer.

Success story

Leading gas pipeline operator exceeds accuracy requirements with new clamp-on flow meter run design

A Midwestern pipeline operator with tens of thousands of miles of pipelines provides critical links between major natural-gas producing basins and downstream processors and markets across the USA. In need of a new balance meter approach, the company found a cost-effective solution that saved $100,000 compared to alternatives. Even before calibration, the SITRANS FS230 non-intrusive ultrasonic flow meter delivered flow rate accuracy rivaling that of other dual-path flow meters triple its cost!

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