Ultrasonic Point Level Measurement

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Multipurpose and maintenance-free

The Pointek ULS200 uses an ultrasonic non-contacting switch to detect solids, liquids, and slurries. Particularly adept at measuring sticky materials, it’s usable across many industries.

Level Measurement Guide

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Ultrasonic point level measurement

Application highlights

The following examples show just a few of the many possible applications for ultrasonic point level switches.
Pointek ULS200

Better performance, less downtime

With virtually no moving parts, the Pointek ULS200 significantly reduces repair costs and maximizes efficiency. Additionally, it’s simple, two-button programming and fail-safe technology ensures easy operation.

Designed for longevity’s sake

  • Easy two-button programming
  • Two switch outputs for alarms
  • Flange adaptor
  • Electronics provided with fail-safe function
  • Threaded and sanitary fitting clamp process connections for installation flexibility

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Technical specifications


Liquids: 0.25 m to 5 m (0.8 to 16 ft) 

Solids: 0.25 m to 3 m (0.8 to 10 ft)

Process Temperature
-40 to 60 °C (-40 to 140 °F)
Process Pressure
Up to 0.5 bar g (7.25 psi g)

ETFE or PVDF copolymer

Sanitary version

Key Applications
Liquids, slurries, fluid materials, plugged chute detection, chemical industry
Overview brochure describing the complete level measurement portfolio

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The right switch for every application

Siemens point level switches offer superior performance while reducing maintenance, downtime, and equipment replacement cost. Their robust design lasts in harsh and abrasive environments, guaranteeing a long service life and low cost of ownership.

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