How can you optimize your mining processes?

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Siemens process instruments feature quick-start wizards for easy installation, minimal maintenance with easy-to-understand diagnostics and seamless integration into your control system, all of which help to optimize your mining processes.

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Labor demand

Selecting the right belt scale reduces the demand on skilled labor

Finding the right people for the job can be difficult in any industry. Finding workers skilled in the intricate parts of the mining process is an even greater—and growing—challenge. Selecting the right process instruments can ease the burden on your miners by simplifying startup and minimizing maintenance requirements.


Click the link to read a white paper that explores how selecting the proper belt scale can reduce maintenance requirements—and the demands on your skilled miners.


Belt scale features designed to improve miner safety

Improving worker safety has long been a focus in the mining industry—and continues to be today. Minimizing miners’ exposure to hazardous situations is a must. Belt scales with features such as calibration weight lifters allow for calibration of the belt scale system while eliminating the need for a miner to lean into the conveyor.


Click the link to read an application story highlighting a customer’s use of a belt scale with a calibration weight lifter to improve safety and increase measurement accuracy. 

Energy use

Lower energy consumption with accurate weight measurement

Reducing energy consumption not only decreases operating costs, but also improves sustainability within the mining industry. Accurate measurements allow for tighter control over your process, minimizing the amount of material that needs to be reprocessed—and ultimately lowering energy usage.


Click the link to register for our seminar on November 3, 2022 discussing weighing applications that have successfully lowered energy consumption in mines—and how, in some cases, these projects can be partially funded through an energy credit program with the local utility.

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