Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Solutions

Siemens Coriolis solution for high performance and simplicity

Siemens Coriolis flow meters with custody tranfer approval by NTEP provide a compact solution for CNG applications.

SITRANS FCS200 and SIFLOW FC070 with NTEP approval for custody transfer

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Coriolis flow solutions for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Siemens highly advanced Coriolis flow measurement solution, with custody transfer appoval by NTEP, is ideal for any CNG application. With seamless integration to SIMATIC HMI Win CC, SIFLOW FC070 combines the advantage of the Coriolis measuring principle with the flexibility and advanced control of SIMATIC System. The SITRANS FCS200 Coriolis flow sensor for CNG applications is available in tube sizes of 3/8”, 1/2” and 1” with NTEP Custody Transfer (CT) approval for the 3/8” and 1/2” tube sizes.


The SITRANS FCS200 compact size enables the sensor to fit in locations where space is crucial, providing extra flexibility in any CNG application - both new and retrofit.  Innovative, user-friendly support tools provide direct access to operational and functional data. With unparalleled accuracy and capacity under high pressure and hazardous conditions, the SITRANS FCS200 sensor sets a high standard for efficiency and safety in CNG custody transfer measurement.


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Flow calculator

Natural Gas Flow Calcuator

Natural gas flow measurement is a critical measurement, especially since so many hands are involved. Ultimately, even the smallest error in calculating gas flow can represent a significant error in dollars!

Try out our "Natural Gas Flow Calculator" to calculate the costs associated with different levels of accuracy.


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