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Can your custody transfer gas flow measurement improve your bottom line?

This webinar discusses a new advance in custody transfer flow measurement for the gas industry that delivers critical accuracy with a very low cost of ownership. Topics include:

  • How clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters measure flow without interrupting the flow path
  • Innovative features of the newest clamp-on flow meters
  • Benefits for natural gas custody transfer flow measurement

How can gas pipeline equipment improve your bottom line?

In today’s world, it has become ever more critical to reduce overhead in natural gas transport pipelines. Cost-effective Siemens clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters have been proven at CEESI (Colorado Engineering Experiment Station Inc.), and have been found to meet AGA-9 accuracy requirements for custody transfer. In this webinar we discuss how ultrasonic flow technology can deliver lower initial investment costs (CAPEX) and reduce long-term costs for maintenance (OPEX). 


Watch this Innovation session as Siemens and guest presenter Robert Fritz, PE flow measurement consultant engineer discuss custody transfer requirements and flow technology.

Flow calculator

Natural Gas Flow Calcuator

Natural gas flow measurement is a critical measurement, especially since so many hands are involved. Ultimately, even the smallest error in calculating gas flow can represent a significant error in dollars!

Try out our "Natural Gas Flow Calculator" to calculate the costs associated with different levels of accuracy.


Natural Gas Flow Calculator
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