Siemens process automation is ready to help your pipeline integrity requirements meet the PHMSA 195 mandates!

Key reasons to choose Siemens as your pipeline integrity partner:

  1. Siemens clamp-on flow meters offer a best-in-class 100 Hz data update rate that can detect even the smallest of leaks or flow variances.  
  2. We can help you comply with industry standards and regulations like PHMSA, as our products are designed to meet these requirements.
  3. We have over 30 years of experience helping customers with midstream applications. Siemens technical consultants are here to expertly evaluate your pipeline and instrumentation requirements.
  4. In addition to flow and leak detection sensors, Siemens can offer guidance in supplying a broad portfolio of instruments to support all your process measuring needs.
  5. Siemens also offers expertise in process digitalization and remote monitoring. We can help you make sure your critical data gets where it is needed most.
USA | SITRANS FS230 clamp-on flow meter


The FS230 clamp-on flow meter simplifies and optimizes your day-to-day operation with an unparalleled data update rate, superior user-friendliness and a leading variety of options for customization, securing the highest measurement quality at the lowest cost.

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