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Meet ever-changing regulations. Save critical costs and time. Support growing infrastructure demands. The right process instrumentation can makes all the difference!

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Environmental regulations

Just say no to gas leaks: How to stay EPA, AGA and PHMSA compliant

Letting out a little too much gas lately? Let's face it: leaking gas stinks – especially if you're a pipeline operator. To stop leaks in their tracks and successfully navigate today’s ever-changing regulatory environment, you need process instrumentation robust enough to get the job done right under any conditions.
Cost savings

Compressed instrument gas costs money. Stop the bleeding.

If you’re a pipeline operator, a valve positioner exempt from Quad-O requirements is already an attractive option. Now, what if that same positioner could also make a big dent in your regular operational costs? The SIPART PS2, with standard piezo-valve technology, has a steady-state bleed-rate of 0.02 SCFM. This means your resources won’t be wasted when your valves aren’t even moving.

Infrastructure growth

As pipeline infrastructure demands increase, how can you keep costs down?

The rush is on to grow our nation’s midstream oil and gas infrastructure. Pipeline operators are working at a fever pitch to keep up with accelerating customer and regulatory demands. In this fast-paced environment, any tool that increases efficiencies and simplifies efforts to stay compliant will mean fewer headaches and quicker returns on investment.


Watch the video to see how your processes will benefit from the easy-to-install and blazingly fast SITRANS FS230 clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter.

Innovation Session

Reduce costs and cut greenhouse gas emissions in midstream oil & gas

Take a deeper dive into how you can stay compliant AND profitable with help from zero-bleed valve positioners and clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters.


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