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USA | SITRANS FS230 clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter
SITRANS FS230 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The SITRANS FS230 digital clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter provides rugged performance with cost savings in both purchasing and operation. Ideal for industries requiring liquid or gas flow measurement, the non-intrusive FS230 features market-leading accuracy and repeatability, a 100 Hz data update rate, and a user-friendly HMI. SITRANS FS230 brochure


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USA | SIPART PS2 Valve Positioner
SIPART PS2 Valve Positioner

The SIPART PS2 valve positioner is the most widely used positioner for linear and rotary actuators. Optionally available with Makrolon, aluminum, stainless or flameproof steel enclosure, the positioner is well-equipped for all ambient conditions. It has proved reliable in many valve control applications thanks to its diagnostic capabilities and extensive range of functions. Valve positioners brochure


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USA | SITRANS TS500 Temperature Sensor
SITRANS TS500 Temperature Sensor

The industry-grade SITRANS TS500 temperature sensor supports a wide range of measuring tasks from basic applications to harsh environments. Users benefit from the simplicity of the modular concept consisting of a barstock or tubular thermowell, extension, and connection head with optional integrated transmitter or display. Intrinsic safety, flameproof and non-sparking versions are also available. TS500 brochure


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USA | PDM Maintenance Station
PDM Maintenance Station Plant Asset Management

With the SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station, Siemens offers the right solution to efficiently monitor the condition of smart field devices independently of your control system. You benefit from a future-oriented product continually under advanced development and based on NAMUR recommendations NE105, 107 and 129.


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USA | SITRANS F M MAG 6000 electromagnetic flow meter transmitter
SITRANS F M MAG 6000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter Transmitter

The SITRANS FM MAG 6000 is a microprocessor-based electromagnetic flow meter transmitter engineered for high performance as well as easy installation, commissioning and maintenance. The transmitter is robust and suitable for all-round applications, has a measuring accuracy of ± 0.2% of the flow rate and can be fitted with optional plug-in communication modules. SITRANS FM brochure


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SITRANS FM MAG 8000 / MAG 8000 CT Electromagnetic Water Meter

The SITRANS FM MAG 8000 battery-operated electromagnetic water meter is flexible enough for installation virtually anywhere without sacrificing accuracy or performance. No mains power is required. MAG 8000 complies with custody transfer approvals and is specially engineered for abstraction, distribution network, revenue metering and irrigation applications. SITRANS FM MAG 8000 brochure


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USA | SITRANS FM MAG 3100 P Electromagnetic Flow Meter Sensor
SITRANS FM MAG 3100 P Electromagnetic Flow Meter Sensor

The SITRANS FM MAG 3100 P electromagnetic flow meter sensor is designed to meet the most common specifications within the chemical and process industries. It features an ideal combination of PTFE or PFA liners and Hastelloy electrodes, and the fully welded construction provides a ruggedness that fits almost every flow application. SITRANS FM brochure


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USA | SITRANS P320/420 Pressure Transmitter
SITRANS P320/420 Pressure Transmitter

SITRANS P320/420 is the first pressure transmitter on the market to feature remote safety handling. The instruments’ remote safety handling via SIMATIC PDM saves time during SIL commissioning: rather than manually attending to each individual device across a facility, operators can program transmitters from the control room. SITRANS P320/P420 brochure


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USA | SITRANS FC330 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
SITRANS FC330 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

The SITRANS FC330 digital Coriolis flow system is a cutting-edge flow meter at the top of its class in accuracy and reliability, yet space-saving and easy to work with. The digitally based FC330 features market-leading accuracy of 0.1% or 0.2% and density accuracy of 2 kg/m³, high immunity against process noise, low pressure loss and a best-in-class 100 Hz data update rate. SITRANS FC brochure


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USA | SITRANS FCS300 Coriolis flow sensor
SITRANS FCS300 Coriolis Flow Sensor

SITRANS FCS300 compact Coriolis sensors simplify installation and replacement and optimize plant layout. A standardized interface creates modularity between all of our Coriolis sensors and transmitters for high levels of flexibility. Coriolis flow brochure


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