Are you paying too much for water?

The right process instruments can lower costs for the water & wastewater industry

Utilities lose approximately 6 billion gallons of water to leaks every day, and inefficient energy practices result in excess energy costs of up to 30 percent – all of which has a huge impact on the bottom line. Achieve significant cost savings by incorporating Siemens electromagnetic flow and level measurement solutions into your water processing and distribution applications. 

Reduce pumping inefficiencies, water loss – and costs! – with intelligent process instrumentation

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The true cost of water – and the steps you can take now to stem your losses

What is lost water costing you?

The Siemens Cost of Water Calculator for leak detection can help you determine how much revenue you may be losing. In this webinar, we look at how to identify key points in your network and fix leaks as early as possible to minimize costs.

What are your daily pumping routines costing you?

The Siemens Cost of Water Calculator for pumping efficiency is an easy-to-use tool that helps identify the overall cost of your pumping systems. This webinar demonstrates how you can save on pumping costs by aligning pumping routines with the variable energy rates of your electricity supplier.

Cost of Water Calculators

Calculate your cost of water

In a few quick steps, the Siemens Cost of Water calculators will help you identify how much money you can save by incorporating leak detection and economy pumping strategies into your plant. Fill out the form below for instant access to the Cost of Water Calculators – and discover payback periods of just months!
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The Siemens Virtual Process Automation Solutions Center brings the world of process measurement and control to you – and there's no travel required. "Walk" through our interactive 360-degree technology showcase to learn about innovative solutions for your water or wastewater application, including smart instrumentation, apps for remote monitoring and support, web-based distributed control systems, and much more.

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