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SIPART PS100, SIPART PS2 and Pneumatic Valve Positioners: One family that masters everything.

As the interface between the control system and valves, positioners play an important role in ensuring reliability and optimal performance in your automated process plants.  Siemens offers you a choice to ensure an ideal fit for every application: the SIPART PS100, the SIPART PS2 and a variety of pneumatic valve positioners and accessories.

Discover the world of Siemens positioners – SIPART PS100 and SIPART PS2

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One that masters the essential

One that masters the essential

Easy to operate and simply robust: The SIPART PS100 for fast and reliable positioning for standard applications.



The smart valve positioner known for more than 20 years for its versatility, reliability and smooth operation

One that masters everything.

The SIPART PS2 can handle difficult applications and operates with minimal air loss compared to conventional positioners

USA - Conventional valve positioners

Conventional Positioners

Pneumatic valve positioners for cost-effective valve control

Conventional Valve Positioners

The series 760 P/E Valve positioners provide a cost effective, universal approach to your valve control.  Their modular concept allows all models to be built on the base pneumatic unit (760P).  The electro-pneumatic model (760E) is created by adapting an I/P transducer to the base and a wide range of accessories is easily installed inside the unit.

  • Choice of interchangeable NAMUR IEC 534-6 rectilinear or VDI/VDE 3845 rotary mountings for application flexibility
  • Double-acting or single-acting service and split ranging
  • Provisions for internal limit switch mounting and position feedback devices without requiring additional housings in most models.



Model 74 Pneumatic Valve Positioners are universal positioners that provide versatility, dynamic performance, and high positioning accuracy.  Supply pressure variations have little or no effect on the positioner output, which eliminates the need for a supply pressure regulator.


  • Non-interaction of zero and span adjustments and positive cam locking mechanism
  • Double-acting or single-acting service accommodates installation in a variety of environments

  • Field reversibility reduces downtime and simplifies maintenance

  • Choice of continuously adjustable standard stroke ranging from 1/4" to 48" and continuous span and zero adjustability within range spring limits provide application versatility

  • Extra high capacity pilots ensure maximum frequency response and optimum stroking speeds for all actuator sizes

  • Negative feedback pilot circuit allow the positioner to operate with a push-pull gain of more than 900:1 (uisng 100 psig supply) with no sacrifice in stability (gain of 650:1 with 74S models)

Model 73 Built-In Pneumatic Valve Positioners are compact pneumatic valve positioner instruments incorporates a single-axis, force-balance principle of operation to ensure accurate and stable control valve positioning.  In all cases, including bottom-loading applications, a Model 73 Built-In Pneumatic Valve Positioner is mounted directly on the topwork of the valve, with no external levers or other exposed mechanisms


By selecting the appropriate range spring from the wide selection, almost any combination of valve stroke (from 1/4" to 4") and instrument span (from 2 to 24 psi) can be obtained.



  • Single-axis, force-balance principle of operation, ensures accurate and stable positioning
  • Feedback circuits direct the actuator's position, ensuring adherence to the control instrument signal
  • Range spring capability accomodates a wide variety of valve strokes and instrument spans


    USA - Current-to-Pneumatic Transducers

    Current-to-Pneumatic Transducers

    Model 77 and 771 I/P Transducers

    Model 77 and 771 I/P Transducers

    Models 77 and 771 convert a DC millampere input signal to a pneumatic output signal directly proportional to the input. The rugged design and ability to withstand shock and vibration allow them to be installed in harsh industrial environments.

    • High signal sensitivity for demanding applications
    • Simplified design ensures reliable operation
    • Rugged, NEMA construction, with insensitivity to shock, vibration, and supply pressure variations accomodate operation in harsh environments
    • Choice of output capacities provides application versatility
    USA - Booster relays

    61 Booster Relays

    Series 61 Booster Relays

    61 Booster Relays

    Series 61 Booster relays reproduce pneumatic signals in a 1:1 ratio for applications where input isolation or increased flow capacity are required. Various models are available to meet a wide range of requirements.


    Valve Service

    • Model 61H High-Capacity Booster Relay is designed to improve the stroking speed of large diaphragm valves
    • Model 61VH High-Capacity Booster Relay is designed for use on control valve actuators that require very fast stroking speeds


    USA - Pneumatic Valve Accessories

    Air Filters and Valve Accessories

    Filter Regulators, Integral Volume Booster and Venting Gauge Block

    Air Filters and Accessories

    The Model 91-HF Filter-Regulator is designed to provide clean, accurate air pressure to instruments, valves, and other automatic control equipment.  


    The Model 2306 instrument air filter is used to remove dirt, oil, water, and other impurities from an instrument-air supply. 


    The Integral Volume Booster was designed for use on pneumatic actuators that require high flow for fast stroking times.  The unit reproduces pneumatic signals in a 1:1 ratio for applications requiring increased flow capacity, while maintaining small step accuracy and reducing piping requirements.


    When a Double Acting SIPART PS2 is used with a Single Acting actuator, the following must be considered:

    With loss of supply air the Double Acting SIPART PS2 will lock in the last position. This prevents the actuator spring from returning the valve to its fail-safe position. By using the "venting" gauge block and properly piping the positioner to the actuator the air on the side opposite the spring can be exhausted back through the air supply line.



    SIPART PS100

    Curious about the SIPART PS100?

    All features at a glance

    Easy, fast and reliable control for standard applications. Discover all features of the SIPART PS100 in this video.


    Get to know the SIPART PS100.


    Be impressed by the SIPART PS2 all-rounder


    Cost Savings with Smart Positioners

    By Sean McNutt for Oil and Gas Online

    Control valve maintenance contributes significantly to a valve assembly’s lifetime costs, but it can be difficult to optimize. With smart positioner technology and digital communications, maintenance plans can be transitioned from reactive to predictive, and diagnostic data can make it easier to detect valve anomalies that need to be serviced quickly. Click on the video above to learn more.


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