Are you paying too much for plant air?

Electropneumatic valve positioners save you air and money

The plant air loss associated with conventional valve positioners can be very expensive. By comparison, Siemens electropneumatic positioners use air only when required. The result? You'll quickly reduce your total costs incurred by air generation, maintenance and material.

Reduce air loss to reduce costs with an intelligent valve positioner

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The true cost of compressed air – and the steps you can take now to stem your losses

Air is one of the easiest sources of power to transmit and use. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most costly to generate. Recently, compressed air leaks have become one of the largest contributors to inefficiencies in industrial plant systems. The Department of Energy states that air leaks waste 20-30 percent of a compressor's output in a typical plant.


Key takeaways from our webinar include:

  • How to recognize air losses and calculate their costs
  • How an intelligent valve positioner can realize major savings
  • The benefits of piezo technology over traditional positioner construction
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In a few quick steps, the Siemens Cost of Air Calculator will help you identify how much money you can be saving in plant air. Our innovative tool determines your air cost per year based on your current valve positioner technology. Fill out the form below for instant access to the Cost of Air Calculator – and start saving today!

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