Pressure measurement

Your operations are under pressure.

Pressure on you to produce quickly, safely and efficiently. Not to mention the actual pressure in your process - which you need to measure with maximum precision at all times. Tailored to the specific requirements of your applications, Siemens pressure measurement devices provide the confidence you need in your instrumentation - helping to relieve some of that pressure.

Reliable, low maintenance pressure measurement with SITRANS P

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SITRANS P pressure measurement

Every process in your plant brings with it specific requirements. That’s why SITRANS P pressure transmitters offer a complete range of measuring products with different levels of performance and varying load capacities. From hygienic requirements to heavy industry and harsh conditions, SITRANS P has the right instrument and materials for every application. 

The first pressure transmitter with remote safety handling: SITRANS P320 and SITRANS P420

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Siemens Pressure Calibration Services

Pressure calibration services

Demands on accuracy, reliability, and availability of measurement instruments are steadily increasing. Siemens Industry Services provide complete, traceable calibration of pressure transmitters.


Equipped with expert knowledge of the devices and advanced, high-precision hardware, a Siemens technician can perform calibration services on-site or off-site

Advanced & Flexible Hardware

  • Off-site, Siemens factory calibration - Order No: 9LA1840-8RB01-1BC0

  • On-site, field service calibration - Contact us for quote and scheduling

  • Highest accuracy for calibrating the SITRANS P DSIII, P320, P420, P300 and more

  • Support for HART, PROFIBUS & FF communication

Exchangeable pressure modules

  • Covers absolute, gauge, and DP applications

  • Wide range of measured pressure values

NIST Traceable calibration certificates

  • Uploaded to global database for easy access


Off-Site calibration: Contact Customer Service

Customer Care (USA): 1-800-365-8766


 Order Part No: 9LA1840-8RB01-1BC0


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Safety is key in the process industries. A failure in instruments relevant for safety may have serious implications for humans, the process and the environment. Therefore, a wide range of our process instruments come with on-board safety features for maximum risk reduction.


The portfolio for your process requirements

Every process, every facility, and every environmental constraint brings its own special requirements. For this reason, we have developed SITRANS P pressure transmitters to offer you a complete family of devices with different performances, different capacities, and different materials.

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