Pressure Transmitter

The SITRANS LH100 series pressure transmitter is a well probe and converts the level-proportional hydrostatic pressure into a standardized signal of 4 to 20 mA. It measures the level in basins, tanks, canals and dams. The SITRANS LH100 is available for different measuring ranges and optionally with explosion protection. The transmitter has a stainless steel housing and a piezoresistive sensor with a ceramic diaphragm.

Catalog Specifications

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  • Easy installation and use due to compact design and corrosion-resistant material
  • Safe application due to vent pipe in connection cable to prevent condensate formation
  • Long service life due to protection of the measuring diaphragm against external influences by protective cap


Standard measuring set: Transmitter, cable hanger, junction box


0,3 %
Long-term stability
0,25 % / 12 months
Measuring range
0 – 3 mH2O to 0 – 20 mH2O
316L stainless steel housing (Ø 23.4 mm), IP68 rated 
PE sheathing; Ø 6 mm with vent pipe
Cable length 
standard 10, 20, or 30 m, special lengths up to 50 m are possible
Certificates/ approvals
Explosion-protected version according to IEC Ex and ATEX

Range of application

The Sitrans LH100 is used in shipbuilding, water/waste water supply and in unpressurised/open tanks and wells.

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