SIREC D200 process recorder - USA

Process Recorder

The SIREC D200 is a 144 mm x 144 mm display recorder with 3 to 12 analog channels and up to 8 digital channels. The wide range of SIREC D products accommodates continuous monitoring, system maintenance, process optimization and troubleshooting requirements. 

SIREC D Catalog Specifications

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  • Sampling rate 100/200/500 msec

  • Accuracy: 0.1% typical – T/C

  • Transmitter power supply 24Vdc

  • Math functions

  • 1 GB (optional 2 GB) internal data buffer

  • Interface: Ethernet TCP/IP

  • Data logging via USB Interface or SD card

  • Configuration on device or by way of SIREC D Manager or Server Software

  • Touchscreen with rapid navigation

  • Up to 4 levels of password protection with up to 50 different users available

  • NEMA 3/IP54 type front face protection; NEMA 4X/IP66 available as an option

  • Configuration on device or by way of SIREC D Manager or Server Software

  • Firmware options individual selectable by a flexible credit system


From 3 to 12 analog channels and up to 8 digital channels
144 mm x 144 mm
5.7" color LCD-Display
Data Storage
SD card/USB memory key
22 pre-defined screens

Process recorder software

Various high-performance software packages are available as options for parameter setting, real-time display and storing, evaluation, analyzing and archiving.


SIREC D- Viewer (included in the scope of supply)

  • Import of offline data from e.g. USB media and evaluating
  • Display and printing of the imported data

 SIREC D- Manager Pro

  • Offline data analysis of stored data
  • Display, export (to Excel) and printing of imported data
  • Archiving of measurement data

SIREC D- Server

  • Network-compatible software package for connection of an unlimited number of recorders
  • Communication via Ethernet/TCP/IP
  • Real-time  or FTP data transfer
  • Display, export (CSV files or OPC) and  printing
  • Archiving of measurement data

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