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Plant asset management for smart field devices

Field devices are the eyes and ears of automation. A temperature, flow or pressure sensor failure can quickly lead to a plant malfunction. With the SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station, Siemens offers the right solution to efficiently monitor the condition of smart field devices independently of your automation or control system. You benefit from a future-oriented product continually under advanced development and based on NAMUR recommendations NE105, 107 and 129.

PDM Maintenance Station V3.0

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Digitalization from Field to Cloud

PDM Maintenance Station - Up to 500 smart field devices
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Asset Management

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Plant asset management for smart field devices

SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station V3.0 now offers data collection, analysis and processing in the cloud. Supporting various communication types and gateways between bus systems, such as Ethernet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP/PA and HART, the SIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station offers flexible solutions for your digitalization needs. 


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Data evaluation from any location, at any time


As digitalization advances, there is an increasing need to collect data from the entire production plant, and to evaluate the data in management or cloud-based systems – and all this easily and economically. Field devices are also becoming smarter, i.e. providing increasing amounts of information for process control and transfer to other components in the network via bus systems.

Highlights at a Glance

  • Specially designed for the monitoring, data collection, diagnostics and management of smart field devices
  • Possibility of cyclic data collection and data forwarding for cloud-based analysis independent of the automation systems used
  • Compact, flexible and expandable

  • Several maintenance stations per project possible

  • Supports a wide range of communication types and gateways between bus systems such as Ethernet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP/PA and HART

  • Parameter assignment and detailed diagnostics performed via the integrated SIMATIC PDM

Valve Monitoring

With Asset Performance Suite, plant data is available for valve monitoring to reduce plant down time and operating costs.

  • Extensive control and diagnostics options
  • Fast and predictive determination of valve maintenance requirements
  • Information transmitted to PDM Maintenance Station

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SIMATIC PDM MS is the universal maintenance station for smart field devices. SIMATIC PDM MS provides various functionalities:

  • Field device diagnostics

  • Field device management

  • Overview functions

  • Condition reports

SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager) forms the basis for the data collection and condition detection of the intelligent field devices in the maintenance station.


System functions from SIMATIC PDM MS can be applied to any field device, regardless of manufacturer and type. This makes it possible to:

  • Obtain overviews on device conditions

  • Archive parameter data

  • Connect mailing/paging systems

  • Generate service progress lists

  • Synchronize parameter data

  • Transmit condition, diagnostic and parameter assignment data to EAM or CM systems

Makes your business decisions easier


The more production data available and usefully evaluated, the easier it is to make business decisions. We cyclically read out every device described per EDD/DD/FDI and bring the data into the cloud. The system utilizes a standardized XML data interface for the data provision and transfer.

  • Automatic data collection and diagnostics

  • Easy data evaluation

  • Effective device management

  • Clear presentation of the device diagnostics

  • Support for servicing, commissioning and loop checks (measurement circuit test)

Relies on international standards and increases your scope of action


Standardized DD/EDD/FDI description technologies enable integration of field devices of various manufacturers and types. SIMATIC PDM MS uses international standards and specifications for data collection (NAMUR, PI and FCG) and is also compatible with well-known communication protocols, including PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP/PA and HART, ensuring a high degree of flexibility for the service and maintenance of your field devices.

  • Free selection and integration of field devices

  • Unlimited number of field devices through the use of multiple maintenance stations (scalability)

  • Uniform notification concept for all field devices, regardless of type and manufacturer

Easy and familiar operation as a product of the SIMATIC PCS 7 product family


SIMATIC PDM MS is a compilation of hardware and software components from the SIMATIC PCS 7 and the SIMATIC PCS 7 Maintenance Station product family. As a SIMATIC PCS 7 user, you benefit from a familiar tool landscape and uniform functions.

  • Same look and feel for all MS stations; use of the same tools within the product family

  • Superior usability for all field devices thanks to a consistent look and feel

  • Minimized training effort due to uniform operation and management

  • Convenient availability of SIMATIC PCS 7 support



As a single station, the SIMATIC PDM MS consists of hardware – a pre-installed SIMATIC IPC 427E Microbox PC – as well as software and function licenses. Using TAG licenses, the number of field devices can be adapted up to a maximum of 500 per station and further increased by using multiple stations.


SIMATIC PDM MS utilizes the functions of the proven, SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager), a universal, non-proprietary tool. SIMATIC PDM can be used for the configuration, parameter assignment, commissioning and monitoring of smart field devices and provides diagnostic, condition and parameter data to SIMATIC PDM MS.


In the maintenance station, the information from SIMATIC PDM can be presented and used in many ways with features such as overview/work progress lists, overview/segment/detail screens, status reports, parameter data archiving and global/device-specific message lists, as well as cyclic functions for reading and exporting field device information.


Advantages include:

  • Innovative hardware platform

  • Product bundle: start up and go

  • Support from a single source

Engineering of SIMATIC PDM MS


SIMATIC PDM MS is connected directly to the plant bus in production plants with SIMATIC automation stations. It communicates via the automation stations with the field devices of the underlying fieldbus systems. Even if it is not integrated into a SIMATIC PCS 7 project, it can utilize the existing infrastructure of a SIMATIC S7/PCS 7 project. A separate network to the field devices can also be set up, when direct access is not possible.

Digitalization Apps for the Chemical Industry

Easily convert data into information for predictive maintenance, asset management, and process optimization.


Siemens Asset Performance Suite allows you to tap into valve diagnostic data in real-time.


Process Industry Apps




SIMATIC PDM MS is the first choice when it comes to the service and maintenance of intelligent field devices, and can be used in a wide range of process industries including the chemical, pharmaceutical and water/wastewater sectors. Thanks to its independence from automation systems and its capability as a stand-alone maintenance station, SIMATIC PDM MS also benefits manufacturing industries such as automotive and automation/SCADA.


The PDM Maintenance Station:

  • Can be used as a stand-alone system independent of the automation or control system 

  • Is designed for small to medium-sized projects (up to 500 field devices)

  • Can be used in multiples for plant sections or field device groups in larger plants

  • Can monitor all field devices that are integrated into the device description library of SIMATIC PDM. They are integrated using device description files (DD/EDD technology) or device description packages (FDI technology)


SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager)

Easy device integration with significant benefits



SIMATIC Process Device Manager (PDM) is a universal cross-manufacturer tool for configuration, parameter assignment, commissioning, diagnostics, and maintenance of intelligent process devices and automation components. More than 4,500 devices of over 200 different manufacturers can be commissioned, parameterized, or serviced using a single program with a uniform user interface.

With SIMATIC PDM, you can use one software program to configure a number of field devices by different manufacturers using a single user interface. Process device data can be easily set, changed, checked for plausibility, managed and simulated. In addition, you can monitor selected process values, alarms and status signals of devices online.

SIMATIC PDM Version 9.0 is now available and enables you to cut commissioning and service times significantly in your plant.  Version 9.0 offers excellent flexibility and plant availability by means of plant-wide access to all field devices with secure server-client communication.


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