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Whether you need to measure pressure, temperature, flow, level or weight, Siemens has best-in-class instruments to suit the unique needs of your plant or application. Our high-performance and cost-efficient range of industrial solutions also includes devices for valve positioning, process protection, recording, controlling, communication and more. Explore some of the many ways that process industry customers are enhancing their operations with Siemens instrumentation.

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USA - bitumen case study

A better way to measure bitumen

SITRANS FC430 Coriolis flow meter

This isn't your grandparents' asphalt

The solution from Siemens is to replace mechanical volumetric meters with modern mass flow meters.

USA - Coriolis case study

Protecting our livestock and ourselves from harmful bacteria

Coriolis flow meter improves quality control in vaccine production

SITRANS FC430 Coriolis Solution

Important criteria includes compactness, accuracy, flexibility and ease of installation and technical support.

USA - chemical case study

Safe flow measurement of corrosive chemicals

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow technology

Clamp-on Ultrasonic flow solution

By installing several clamp-on flow meters customer improved accuracy of the raw material injection ratio into the reactor, optimizing the manufacturing process.

USA - coriolis case study

Lano Carpets inline mixer can handle any color

SITRANS FC330 mass flow meter

Coriolis solution

The Coriolis flow meters provide maximum precision for the pump control system, which plays a pivotal role in the mixing ratio. The flow meters measure the flow rate and density and convert them into a volumetric flow rate, i.e. the quantity that determines the mixing ratio.

USA - FS230 for specialty chemical case story

Chemical company saves money with clamp-on solution

SITRANS FS230 (gas) ensures accurate billing

Clamp-on ultrasonic solution

Measurement of total monthly incoming flow of plant and instrument air-header inlets confirms accurate billing from central utility. Simple installation and start-up saves time and money.

USA | FC430 Coriolis flow meter case study - denatured alcohol

Accuracy in denaturing alcohol

SITRANS FC430 Coriolis flow meter.

SITRANS FC430 impresses

With the best measurement results and convenient operation the FC430 guarantees the greatest accuracy in denaturing alcohol.

USA | FC430 coriolis flow case study - metal supplier

Metal Supplier

Measuring concentration of tungsten metal

Optimization of tungsten metal purification

SITRANS FC430 Coriolis flowmeters demonstrate exceptional stability and reliability.

USA - Frac Sand Inventory

Level measurement in frac sand inventory

SITRANS LR560 radar level transmitter

Reliable and accurate inventory control

By having an automated level measurement system, the customer is able to reduce the amount of trips to the top of the bins, reducing time and labor costs. The RD500 monitoring system provides remote inventory monitoring via web access to field instrumentation, thereby eliminating unplanned inventory shortages.

USA - Coriolis case study

Drilling fluid producer discovers Coriolis

SITRANS FC430 solution

Accurate, repeatable chemical measurement

Siemens Coriolis transmitters monitor onsite flow operations and transfer flow, density and temperature data to the facility’s control system.

USA - VRU Case Study

Going green with oil and gas industry

Vapor recovery unit solution

Differential pressure transmitters build precision control into systems

Siemens vapor recovery unit meets new environmental regulations, captures gases for sale, reuse.

USA - Flash gas measurement

Clamp-on flow meter provides safe flash gas measurement

Clamp-on flow solution

Flash gas measurement

Siemens clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters provide flow measurement without the risk of creating back pressure and damaging production tanks.

USA - Oilfield technology article

Oilfield Technology: Every grain counts

Optimize efficiency

Hydraulic Fracturing

Herman Coello, Siemens USA, discusses automation solutions that optimize efficiency of hydraulic fracturing operations utilizing native Texas sand.

USA - Flare gas measurement with clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter

Flare gas measurement


Ultrasonic flow measurment in a vacuum

Chemical company uses Siemens SITRANS FS230 for vent gas applications in thei Flameless Thermal Oxidizer (FTO) system with EPA required redundancy.

USA FS230 clamp-on flow pipeline case study

Gas pipeline

Clamp-on flow solution

Siemens flow meters increase performance

Siemens flow meters play a crucial role in what is considered one of the most sophisticated computer networks in the natural gas transportation industry. From the fully automated realtime pipeline gas control center, operators can see exactly what is flowing through the pipeline at the exact time it is flowing.

USA | clamp-on flow meter gas wellhead case study

Wellhead measurement


Challenging application

Gas measurement directly at the wellhead convinces managment Siemens has the best solution.After the installation was complete, the clamp-on meter ran with no operator intervention, providing accurate readings over the total flow range of the well.

USA | Instrumentation in the oilfields article

Instrumentation for oilfields

Water treatment for oil and gas

In the oilfields, water matters - and so does your instrumentation

Water treatment in the oil and gas industry is not new, but there is a growing demand to invest in better processes for lower costs, improved efficiency and safer environments.

USA | Fracking article


Past, present, and future

Process Instrumentation for Fracking

Siemens industry experts cover questions and answers on horizontal drilling, process instrumentation, and the future of fracking.

USA | Remote tank monitoring

Remote tank monitoring

Improve safety and reduce cost

Remote Tank Monitoring

Full customizable solutions include a cloud-based app, industrial wireless communications and field instrumentation.

USA - Ultrasonic level case study

Certified accurate: MCERTS inspectors


Open channel monitoring

With the help of process instrumentation and rigorous inspection techniques accurate flow measurements ensure proper water treatment.

USA - Totex is key when purchasing instrumentation

Totex is key when purchasing instrumentation

What is your true total expenditure?

The cost of energy

It is important to consider the impact of energy costs when determining the true operating cost of an instrument. Siemens' ultrasonic level controllers offer a full suite of advanced controls to help improve efficiency. 

USA - Measuring level in wastewater

Measuring level in wastewater treatment

Probe LU effluent flume solution

Hypochlorite dosing system

Non-contacting ultrasonic transducers are immune to problems caused by suspended solids, harsh corrosives, grease, or silt in the effluent, making the measurement more dependable with the Probe LU.

USA - Simplifying filter bed level measurement

Simplifying filter bed level measurement


Easy installation and excellent performance

Not only is the SITRANS Probe LU240 economical pricewise, it is also a maintenance-free device with consistent performance for dependable control over the critical cycles necessary for your bed filter .

USA - Ultrasonic level protects environment

Ultrasonics level protects environment

Reduce wastewater treatment expenses

SITRANS LUT400 Solution

SITRANS LUT440 closely monitors the discharge volume of open channel flumes. These values are reported regularly to local water authorities. They also help to determine the wastewater facility’s performance.

USA - Level measurement myth busting

Level measurement myth busting

Ultrasonic level for the environmental market

The preferred choice in water and wastewater treatment

Knowing the truth behind the myths being touted about instrumentation technologies is always a good thing - in the environmental industry and beyond.

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USA - Food processing case study

Food Processing company improves product quality

Magnetic flow meter solution

Accurate flow measurement

The challenge: Accurately measure flow of stew ingredients into mixing vats to ensure consistent quality of end product.

USA - Brewery case study

Coriolis installation at brewery

Bright future for SITRANS FC330

Challenge: Ensure consistent product quality through accurate measurement of sugar concentration in worst prior to fermentation.

dairy case study - USA

Improved can coating process at dairy producer

Mass flow meter solution

Cost savings and improved quality

Accurate, fast application and monitoring of epoxy coating saves the customer money by not wasting epoxy, reducing waste from improperly coated cans and assuring customer satisfaction with the end. 

USA - Bakery case study

Smooth recovery process at bakery

Coriolis flow meter solution

Optiminal margarine utilization

Coriolis flow meters measure specific gravity of the process liquid, enabling the processor to separate water, grease and residues entirely. The result was improved recovery of greases and fewer polluting substances in the wastewater.

USA - Food processing wastwater treatment case

Food processor monitors water usage and verifies meter calibration

Magnetic flow meter solution

Wastewater treatment

SITRANS FM MAG5100W magnetic flow meter and Siemens Verificator provide reliable flow measurements with cost and time savings. 

USA - Cement case study

It's the experience that counts

Measurement solutions for cement

Integrated Automation

Siemens has been in the cement industry for over 100 years, and offers a broad portfolio of process instrumentation solutions that includes flow, pressure, temperature, weighing, valve positioners, and, of course, level measurement.

USA - radar level for cement case study

Reliable data in extreme conditions

Level monitoring for cement production

Eliminate manual level measurements

Silos equipped with robust, reliable continuous radar level instrumentation capable of transmitting data directly to the control system in real time results in reduced safety risks, better transparency into silo inventory and lower operating costs.

USA - safety in bulk material handling case study

Highest level of safety and efficiency

Bulk material level measurement

Automation throughout production

From this efficient manufacturing facility to the road beneath your car tires, Lafarge Tarmac and Siemens work together to keep you safe. 

USA - Kiln dust case study

Hidden qualities of kiln dust

Instrumentation solutions

Kiln dust's second life

From reducing the waste stream of materials headed to landfills, to ensuring environmental regulations are being closely followed, Siemens’ wide portfolio of instruments are the eyes and ears of the cement plant. Kiln dust’s second life is guaranteed by the precise monitoring of devices that reliably operate in this rugged environment.

USA - Weighing technology and control systems for concrete

Concrete plant design

Weighing technology and control system integration

Siemens Solutions

J. McCoy Equipment and Oshawa Bearing Service use SIWAREX SP231 weighing instrumentation for concrete manufacturing plant integration.

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow case study - USA

Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeters

How they measure up

Versatile, economical solution

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters are valuable tools for helping district energy providers, building owners and managers, measure and manage their system performance in a number of ways. These units provide the baseline and load profile information needed to effectively optimize system efficiency and reduce energy consumption – and costs.

HVAC case study - USA

Clamp-on ultrasonic field test

From skeptics to believers

Siemens FEC920 Thermal Energy Calculator accepts flow inputs from any flow meter (including Siemens FS220 clamp-on and MAG5100W magnetic flow meters) and temperature (working the same as the FUE1010) to provide chill or hot water energy efficiency calculations.

USA - HVAC case study

Enhancing HVAC Performance

Clamp-on flow solution

District energy metering

In any district cooling operation, a well-balanced system based on accurate and reliable flow and temperature measurement is extremely important. 

USA - HVAC case study

Saving energy and enhancing sustainability

Flow and energy calculator solution

Accurate flow, energy and temperature measurement

Remaining aware of exact energy consumption levels at different campus locations throughout the day and night has allowed the university to optimize the performance of its cooling system, resulting in considerable energy savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and an improved bottom line.

USA - renewable energy

Power generation, instrumentation, and garbage’s second life

Renewable energy

Level, pressure and flow solutions

Throughout the generation process, Siemens process instrumentation helps monitor and control operations, increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance.

USA - Coal monitoring case study

Reliably monitor coal level in huge silo

SITRANS LR560 solution

Silo level measurement

The SITRANS LR560 78 GHz operating frequency has a signal beam angle of just 4 degrees. This allows the radar transmitter to reach deeper into the silo than other radar transmitters operating at much lower frequencies.

USA | Pressure transmitters for OEM steam generator case study

OEM adds reliability to their steam generators

Pressure Transmitters

Cost savings, quick start-up and extensive diagnostics

SITRANS P320 differential pressure transmitters measure water levels in expansion tanks.

USA - feedwater valve PS2 case study

Feedwater valve positioning

SIPART PS2 solution

Accurate and repeatable control

A unique feature of the SIPART PS2 valve positioner from Siemens is its extremely low air consumption. In the balanced condition, the PS2 valve positioner consumes virtually no air.  

USA - Waste to energy case study

Waste to Energy

Magnetic flow meter solution

Reliable flow monitoring in harsh conditions

SITRANS F M Transmag 2 from Siemens guarantees consistently high measuring accuracy, zeropoint stability and signal strength regardless of impurities in the medium or fluctuations in the magnetic field.

Biomass refinery case study - USA

Biomass refinery

Siemens flow meter solution

Enhanced reliability and comprehensive diagnostics

The refinery was able to take advantage of a Totally Integrated Automation solution from Siemens by integrating all instrumentation (including magnetic flowmeters) and control systems into one industrial network to enhance efficiency and decrease installation costs.

USA - belt scale case study

Coal unloading

Belt scale calibration

The right tool for the job

Calibration of the belt scales hasn’t changed that much since their introduction. What has changed is the evolution of scale designs, each requiring slightly different calibration. This article discusses changes to belt scale calibration procedures.

USA | clamp-on flow power case study

Power generation

Clamp-on flow meter solution

Energy storage facility uses SITRANS FS230 ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter

The solution had to take this bi-directional flow into account because of water flowing to the turbine during the day and water being pumped back up to the reservoir at night.

USA | Hydro-electric power - clamp-on flow

Hydro-electric power

Clamp-on flow meter solution

Hydro-electric power station benefits from the use of Siemens flow meters

A large hydro-electric plant required a system that would measure bi-directional flow and also provide and indication in the case of an unexpected flow variance.


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