USA | cost of water from leakage

What is lost water from leakage and theft costing you?

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In addition to energy costs, the loss of treated water either through leakage or theft is a significant cost associated with the operation of a water treatment facility and distribution network. It is estimated that upwards of 18% of all treated water is lost due to these two issues.


This webinar introduces Siemens’ “Cost of Water” calculator for leak detection to help you identify the amount of lost revenue you may be experiencing. In addition, this webinar examines how you can utilize existing measurement infrastructure and/or the addition of measurements at key points in your network to help identify and correct situations as early as possible, ultimately minimizing this potential for lost revenue. This is the second webinar in the Siemens Cost of Water series, which highlights cost savings opportunities in the water and wastewater industries.


Key Takeaways

  • How much water is lost by local municipalities
  • How you can calculate potential water loss
  • What you can do to help reduce water loss