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Efficient filling process? Fast weighing? Exact dosing? Siemens makes it all possible. The SIWAREX family of electronics and load cells integrated with SIMATIC controls provides a flexible and powerful weighing system.
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Solutions for filling, dosing and big bag machines

Large resolution and high accuracy for the toughest demands

Filling of solid or liquid goods like cement must be completed quickly and accurately.


With a large resolution, high accuracy, and fast switching of batching signals, SIWAREX FTA and WP251 weighing electronics satisfy the toughest demands. Seamless integration into the SIMATIC automation platform offers additional advantages such as simple scalability, flexibility and long-lasting performance.

High reliability for complex dosing processes

Precise dosing of components

The highly accurate and reliable SIWAREX load cells and electronics enable the precise dosing required for high-quality end products.


SIWAREX FTA and WP251 are weighing electronics designed specifically for dosing. They provide coordinated functions and software for controlling coarse and fine flows, emptying - and other dosing functions. Because of SIWAREX's high scalability and integration into SIMATIC control systems, it is easy to automate single or multiple dosing units with one SIMATIC automation station.



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