Compression Load Cell

The compact SIWAREX WL270 CP-S SA compression load cell offers rated loads of 10t, 20t, 30t and 50t. The load cell is optimal for use in small- and medium-sized containers or truck scales. A SIWAREX mounting unit makes installation quick and simple. The mounting device can also be used as a dummy for safe welding works.

Catalog Specifications

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  • Easy and quick installation with SIWAREX mounting units


Rated load
10, 20, 30, 50t
Accuracy class
C3 according to OIML R60


Degree of protection
Stainless Steel

Installation Accessories

We offer the following accessories for compression load cells

Mounting unit SIWAREX WL270 CP-S SA

The self aligning mounting unit for SIWAREX WL270 CP-S SA load cells is suitable for use in bin, platform, truck or roller table scales. The mounting device helps with load cell installation and increases safety with protection against overload and side load as well as lift-off.

Pressure piece set and adapter plate SIWAREX WL270 CP-S SA

In combination with a pressure piece set and adapter plate the SIWAREX WL270 CP-S SA produces a self-centering, self-aligning bearing. The pressure piece set consists of an upper and lower pressure piece. Together with the load cell the pressure piece set forms a self-centering unit with integrated torsion guard. Two adapter plates serve to hold the pressure pieces and round off the unit into a self-aligning bearing.


The load cell must be ordered separately. The adapter plate package item consists of one unit.

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