Milltronics SF500 Integrator

SITRANS WF300 Series - USA

Integrator for use with solids flow meters

The Milltronics SF500 integrator operates with any solids flow meter with up to two strain gauge load cells or LVDT sensor.

SF500 Integrator Catalog Specifications

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The Milltronics SF500 integrator processes sensor signals for accurate flow rate and totalized weight of bulk solids. It can take on lower level control functions traditionally handled by other devices, and it supports popular industrial communication buses. Its patented load cell balance function eliminates matching of load cells.


The PID function may be used for rate control of pre-feeding devices and/or control of additives with two internal PID controllers. Operating in tandem with two or more solids flowmeters or weighfeeders, the SF500 may be used for ratio blending and controlling additives. Batching, load-out and alarm functions are also provided by the SF500.


Typical applications: integrator for use with solids flow meters


SF500 User Manuals




  • Automatic zero and electronic span calibration
  • Alarms for rate or diagnostic error

  • On-board  Modbus, optional PROFIBUS DP, ProfiNet, Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP  and DeviceNet™
  • On-line calibration and dual PID control with optional analog I/O card
  • Multi-point linearizer for high turn down accuracy
  • Up to 8 multi-spans for application of more than one flow condition and/or material
  • Moisture meter input with optional analog I/O card for calculation of dry weight


Batching (PID-control with optional I/O card)
Moisture and incline compensation

- With optional I/O card or

- Parameter set

Multi Span
RD500 connectivity
Relay output
Time/date stamped for printing
mA output
3 1)
mA input

1)mA input/output for SF500 is based on I/O card

®Modbus is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric 
®Allen-Bradley is a registered trademark of Rockwell Automation 
™DeviceNet is a trademark of Open DeviceNet Vendor Association

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