SITRANS WF200 and WF250

SITRANS WF200 and WF250 dry solids flow meter - USA

Medium- to high-capacity dry solids flow meters

The SITRANS WF200 and WF250 are medium- to high-capacity flow meters for various product sizes, densities and fluidities.

SITRANS WF200 Series Catalog Specifications

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SITRANS WF200 and WF250 flowmeters are medium to high capacity flowmeters for various product sizes, densities, and fluidities.


Operating with a microprocessor based integrator package, the WF200 series flowmeters display flow rate, totalized flow, and rate alarms. Outputs are 0/4 to 20 mA proportional to rate and contact closure for remote totalization. Dry bulk solids enter the flowmeter before continuing through the process unhindered.


The load cells convert the horizontal force of the deflection into an electrical signal. The integrator processes this into flowrate and integrated total weight. The sensing process is immune to the effect of product build-up as only the horizontal force is measured.


With load cells located externally to the process, the WF200 series flowmeters measure high capacities with a maximum rate of 990 STPH (900 t/h). For high capacity aerated gravity conveyor pre-feed, the WF250 has a maximum rate of 990 STPH (900 t/h).


WF200 and WF250 User Manuals




  • For specialized pre-feed applications
  • Sensing element mounted outside process

  • Flow rates from 220 to 990 STPH (200 to 900 t/h)
  • Process temperature to +212 ºF (+100 ºC)

Typical Applications

Grinding mill rejects in cement, load-out of grains and seeds
Cement in aerated gravity conveyor

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