SITRANS WFS300 Sensing Heads

SITRANS WFS300 Sensing Heads - USA

Sensing elements for SITRANS WF300 series solids flow meters

SITRANS WFS300 and WFS320 Sensing Heads are used in applications such as product ratio, batch load-out, and process feed rate control.

SITRANS WFS300 Catalog Specifications

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SITRANS WFS300 and WFS320 sensing heads are used in applications such as product ratio, batch load-out and process feed rate control. The WFS series of sensing heads has been field-proven in thousands of applications, with some units providing over a quarter-century of reliable performance.


The  WFS sensing heads use only the horizontal force created by impact of product upon the sensing plate and then apply the horizontal deflection to a highly reliable Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT). Friction-less pivots exclude the vertical force from the sensing process and the LVDT travel range is controlled by a coil spring selected for the specified full-scale flow rate. A viscous fluid damper provides mechanical damping in the event of pulsating flows.


The LVDT converts the horizontal movement, proportional to the impact forces into an electrical signal, which is converted by the integrator to time-based flow rate indication and totalling. This method of sensing material flow has been proven best in thousands of applications all over the world.


WFS300 Series User Manuals




  • Easy installation with modular assembly
  • ±1% accuracy (or better) with high repeatability  

  • Totally enclosed, dust-tight, flow metering of bulk solids 
  • Sensing mechanism is outside the process, protected from contamination  
  • No zero drift, due to unique sensing mechanism 
  • Low maintenance; only the sensing plate is in the process 
  • No restriction of product flow


Flow rate
Minimum: 0 to 0.2 STPH (0 to 0.2 t/h)  Maximum: 0 to 44 STPH (0 to 40 t/h)
Minimum: 0 to 22 STPH (0 to 20 t/h)  Maximum: 0 to 330 STPH (0 to 300 t/h)