SIWAREX WP 352 Compact weighing module | USA

High-precision compact weighing module

SIWAREX WP351 is the right choice for many demanding weighing applications, such as producing accurate mixtures, ensuring precise filling, bagging, checking, totalizing and dosing. SIWAREX WP351 can be used in automatic as well as in non-automatic weighing applications. 

WP351 Catalog Specifications

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Due to the intelligent firmware the weighing process is controlled autonomously directly from the module. In addition, the high-speed sampling rate and processing time of 1000 Hz guarantee optimal performance and repeatability. 


The connection of standard load cells according to the strain gauge principle avoids any manufacturer dependence. As a result, a large range of compatible, globally recognized and field-proven sensors can be used.


The high-performance SIWAREX WP351 is packed into an ultra-compact design. With a width of only 20 mm and a height of 65 mm, it is one of the smallest weighing electronics worldwide.


Because it can be integrated seamlessly into the ET 200SP system, it can be directly connected to SIMATIC PLC systems such as S7-300, -400, -1200 and -1500, making it a smart alternative to “black-box” weighing terminals.


The ET 200SP interface module IM155-6MF HF enables an easy connection to Ethernet IP- or Modbus TCP-based automation systems.

Functionality and precision with SIWAREX WP351


  • Ultra-compact: 20 mm width, 65 mm height
  • Fast: reaction time of digital outputs < 1 ms
  • Highly accurate: resolution +/– 20,000,000 parts, up to 3 x 6000d multi-range/multi-interval scale; 0.5 µV/d
  • User-friendly due to webserver for service and commissioning
  • Seamless integration in different automation systems 
  • Various communication interfaces ex-works
  • “Ready-to-use” HMI interface and function block


Integration in automation systems

SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 and S7-1500;

Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP based systems via ET 200SP IM155-6MF HF

Communication interfaces
3x DI (24V DC); 3x DQ (24V DC);
1x RJ45; 1x RS485; 1x CI
Internal resolution
+/– 20,000,000 parts
Sample rate
1000 Hz

Typical applications: Automatic filling, bagging, totalizing, and check-weighing scales, non-automatic scales such as platform or hopper scales.

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