USA - SIWAREX WP321 weighing module

Weighing Module

SIWAREX WP321 is a weighing module for the distributed I/O system SIMATIC ET 200SP. Due to the diversity and the flexibility of the SIMATIC manager and TIA Portal, it is an ideal solution for small and medium automation systems.

SIWAREX WP321 Catalog Specifications

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SIWAREX WP321 is suitable for tasks typical of non-automatic scales: Level measurement in silos and bunkers, and platform scales can be seamlessly integrated in the automation environment.


The internal update rate of 100, 120 or 600Hz allows a fast and accurate force measurement, too. Scales can also be installed in hazardous areas (with Ex-interface SIWAREX IS). The configuration package and the “ready for use” sample application offers very fast development and implementation of customer and industry specific solutions.


SIWAREX WP321 can be integrated and used in SIMATIC Step7 V5 as well as in TIA Portal.

Do you need a customized application for your weighing process?

SIWAREX WP321 offers a configuration package for fast implementation of customer and industry-specific solutions. Multi-functionality, modularity and free scalability are important features: SIMATIC S7 and PCS flexibility, integrated communication, operation and control, diagnosis, and configuration tools in the TIA Portal and the PCS7 APL library.


  • Uniform structure and universal communication through the integration in  I/O SIMATIC ET 200

  • Parameterization of the scale via operator panel, CPU or PC

  • Flexible configuration possibilities in SIMATIC TIA Portal resp. SIMATIC Step7 V5

  • Measuring of weight and force with a resolution of up to +/- 2 million parts

  • 600 Hz measuring rate (high speed)

  • 100/120 Hz measuring rate (efficient 50/60Hz interference frequency suppression)

  • Scale internal control of freely definable  limit values

  • Easy commissioning  via software  SIWATOOL without SIMATIC knowledge

  • Automatic adjustment without adjustment weights possible

  • Replacement of module without a new adjustment of scale

  • Direct use in ATEX zone 2 possible

  • Various status- und diagnostic information

  • „Ready for use“  sample application



Integration in automation systems
SIMATIC S7-300/400
Communication interfaces
Internal resolution
Up to +/- 2 million parts

1 = via USB-RS485 converter (please consider the notes in the manual)

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