Stand-alone weighing electronics

The perfect fit for stand-alone weighing applications.

SIWAREX terminals and Milltronics integrators: the stand-alone weighing electronics from Siemens featuring an integrated display for commissioning and operation. On-board interfaces and optional communication modules offer a wide range of integration possibilities.

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SIWAREX for platform hopper - USA

Platform/hopper scale

Platform/hopper scale

Weighing of silos, hoppers and platforms is very common in the industrial environment. The corresponding SIWAREX solutions provide extensive features and functions to fulfill all requirements.

• SIWAREX WP231: weighing module for stand-alone platform applications or within SIMATIC S7-1200

• SIWAREX WT231: the weighing terminal for stand-alone platform solutions

Weighing electronics for Milltronics belt scales - USA

Belt scales

Belt scales

The gravel, cement, coal, recycling and mining industries require accurate weight measurement of convyed materials with belt scales. Trust SIWAREX belt scales to get the job done right.

• SIWAREX WP241: weighing module for stand-alone belt scale applications or within SIMATIC S7-1200

• SIWAREX WT241: the weighing terminal for stand-alone belt weighing solutions

• Milltronics BW500: Integrator for belt scales and weighfeeders

• Milltronics BW500 Smartlinx communication module

USA - SIWAREX WP251 dosing, filling, bagging scale

Dosing/filling/bagging scale

Dosing/filling/bagging scale

High-accuracy blending and batching as well as high-speed bagging and filling are typical requirements for a lot of industries. SIWAREX electronics are specially designed to meet these demands. 

USA - SF500 solids flow meter stand-alone electronics

Solids flow meters

Solids flow meters

A full-featured integrator for use with solids flow meters, the SF500 processes sensor signals for accurate flow rate and totalized weight of bulk solids.

Product information

SIMATIC-integrated or stand-alone

Ever-flexible SIWAREX WP231, WP241 or WP251 weighing electronics can be integrated into SIMATIC S7-1200 or used in stand-alone applications.

SIWAREX WP241 - the smallest weighing module for belt scale applications

This flexible belt scale weighing module with high reliability and extensive functions is the optimum solution for every industry.

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