Lakeside Surf

Lakeside Surf

Lakeside Surf in partnership with Citywave® in Lake Chelan, Washington.

Building the first deep-water wave pool in America, keeping it safe and available.

Most Citywave installations were operated by wave "artists" - a term of admiration Burke Bordner uses to describe the experienced Citywave operators he previewed during the vetting process. Reliability and uptime were of critical importance. Flexibility was another important requirement in the initial design of Lakeside Surf. Bordner attribute the long-term success of Slidewaters to the continued facility investments he and past owners have made over the years and being able to do the same with Lakeside Surf would be key to longevity. Most of all, however, the wave pool needed to be safe. As a family-focused destination, the wave pool would be accommodating a variety of age groups and had to be compliant with the local department of health and safety.

The Application:

The surf wave application's design and engineering requried twelve identical SINAMICS 132kW drives for a total system of 1600 kW. To simplify and reduce te engineering of electrical enclosures and power distribution, AMS selected a pre-fabricated TIASTAR Motor Control Center (MCC) design integrated with the following components: SINAMICS G120 Drives, SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC, SIMATIC ET200SP Remote I/O, SIMATIC Comfort Panel HMI, SCALANCE Network and Wi-Fi, SIRIUS ACT E-Stop Pushbuttons and SITOP Power Supplies.


Engage Applied Motion Systems to design, engineer, and install a fully integrated system of Siemens automation and controls

With Citywave headquartered in Germany, the Bordners sought out a local partner to help with the control upgrades necessary to satisfy the waterpark’s requirements, turning to Siemens-certified Solution Partner, Applied Motion Systems (AMS). It’s a Washington-based company known for its bespoke motion control systems and specialty machines.
When we presented all of our requirements, they came back with Siemens as the primary choice for the job.
Robert Bordner

Increased flexibility, safety and performance, in and out of the water

At 50 feet across and 75 feet long with a six foot high wave, Lakeside Surf is the largest and tallest Citywave wave pool in the world. Completed in 2020, the pandemic hindered its grand opening, leaving the park to quietly open to friends and family for a season of trial runs. The upgraded controls system enables Lakeside Surf to deliver an outstanding Citywave experience to every level of surfer. The control system was designed to afford Lakeside Surf the flexibility to add new functionality to the wave pool, continuing the company's quest to be "better than expected."
The reason we went with Siemens was to have something rugged and robust enough to handle the volume and a good reputation of reliability and service